Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Poem Created Using Words From A Box Of Cereal

I saw a writing experiement on the Internet, in which an enterprising fellow named Demetri created a poem using words off the bottle of Rolling Rock Beer. I was inspired! Below is a nod to cereal - Blueberry Morning to be exact. When I found out it has more sugar than Frosted Flakes, I was sold. Please feel free to post your own poems, too.

"Morning Global Cereal"

Texture enlarged to show the taste
Roasted love muffin, the morning proof.

Se habla espanol?
Great new home
Inspired, enlarged, based on inspiration.

Each pick a spot you love.
Fresh captures.
New offers, wild clusters.

A close tab, medley needs protein
...potassium association.
Per container, half free.

Monounsaturated, total freshness
Global exchanges on planning
Other values recycled by the consumer
Post taste and spot flakes!

Daily blueberries, lists, serving size,
What about material amount?
Other ingedients?


gaylis said...

omg - that's so good!!!!! isn't it crazy sometimes to just ALWAYS have weird, random stuff running thru your brain? see, demetri & all the other off-the-wall (but creative!) people that send me their stuff just proves i'm not the only lunatic out there!! hahaha
(of course it can cause relationship "issues" when you often seem "distant" to your loved ones!)
i'm so glad i read your bog today!!!! keep at it.... let it aaaallll out...;-)

Mojopo said...

Gaylis, this totally inspired me this morning. Thanks so much for sending this! It was like getting anew box of art markers! LOL...

Sara said...

What a fun writing prompt! I'll try it sometime.

Sara said...

Okay, so I had to try. Mojo, meet "Asiago Cheese & Roasted Vegetable Crackers"

Savor the tangy,
richly baked
Thiamin Mononitrate,
enzyme modified Asiago cheese,
silicon dioxide and
Better products -
Low guarantee.
Products at the always
low satisfaction.
(*based on a 2000 calorie diet)

Mojopo said...

Sara, fabulous!!! You get an A. See what happens when a perfectly sound mind is corropted by boredom? I blame Gaylis.