Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back To Olcott Beach

Hello, folks --

I’m going to be in and out of pocket for a few weeks because I’m going back to Olcott Beach. My father is sick and it would be a good idea to come around. I’ll be staying with Mom.

Mom does not have cable or Internet access, mostly because she thinks each are the Devil’s work (“idle hands, blah blah blah”). I’m thinking about packing gin in my bathrobe.

In the event I find a stray Internet signal on Althea Street, I’ll let you know. Other times I will drive through the woods over a dirt path to my sister’s house and plug in there, as time permits. Mostly I will be hanging out with Mom and the rest of my family, visiting Dad in the ICU. It’s going to be like this for as long as it needs to be.

Until I get back, gorge yourself on the Tubes and think good thoughts. Thanks much. OK bye!

Your Pal,

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