Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back To Olcott Beach

Hello, folks --

I’m going to be in and out of pocket for a few weeks because I’m going back to Olcott Beach. My father is sick and it would be a good idea to come around. I’ll be staying with Mom.

Mom does not have cable or Internet access, mostly because she thinks each are the Devil’s work (“idle hands, blah blah blah”). I’m thinking about packing gin in my bathrobe.

In the event I find a stray Internet signal on Althea Street, I’ll let you know. Other times I will drive through the woods over a dirt path to my sister’s house and plug in there, as time permits. Mostly I will be hanging out with Mom and the rest of my family, visiting Dad in the ICU. It’s going to be like this for as long as it needs to be.

Until I get back, gorge yourself on the Tubes and think good thoughts. Thanks much. OK bye!

Your Pal,

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anony tu said...

Announcing the marriage of Ms Mojo Po and Mr Anony Tu, Saturday, blah, blah, blah... ...The bride wore a beautiful hunter orange hazmat suit, a vintage pre-World War I German Field Marshal's helmet, and yellow swim flippers. The groom wore a purple tuxedo jacket once owned by the Big Bopper, a Navaho buffalo hair and abalone breastplate, Bermuda shorts and flip flops. Having predetermined that their sexual dispositions are not compatible, the happy couple consummated the marriage by gorging on large quantities of food, especially cheeses of all kinds. The couple will soon be the parents of eight test tube babies, four girls -- Testa, Testla, Testine, and Testola, and four boys -- Testor, Testan, Testley, and Testicle. The children are presently on order from Dow Laboratories and will grow up in an hermetically sealed bubble. "We're looking forward to being absentee parents," said the bride. The bride will remain in her home in Chicago, while the groom plans to nurse many bottles of Scotch in the swamplands north of New Orleans. The couple will conduct their marriage via email. "We've made a commitment," said the groom.
Dagnabit! I hate when people get sick, Mojo. Hoping your dad has a full recovery. Write when you can. THIS Mojopost gets a 10.

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers to you and your family Mojo. (((Mojo, Mom & Dad & family))) If I were you I'd pack lots of liquor and smile a lot and find an internet connection at the local Starbucks! =)


Minnie-sota said...

Sending you much love, Mojo, and to your Dad and family. XO

Your friend, Rusty said...

I don't pray per se, but I'll think good thoughts for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I wish, your father recovers soon.


GOPnot4me said...

Dear Mojo, You, your pop and family will be in my thoughts. Good wishes and a big 'hug'.

PapaPig said...

Glad to hear you are going and have the time, etc. You will always be glad you were there.

Even Pigs in FL will be thinking about you there.

I will also be out of pocket and have been due to working on this DTV transition or not. What a mess that turned out to be.

Anyway in a week or so I should be back more.

Piggie :@)

All my love to your family and you girl.

Anonymous said...

For the record: on Feb 10th whatever man wins with 14 votes! Followed by Martians (8) and Rainbows (8).


James said...

Good on you for taking point with all that. Best wishes for your father, your family and yourself.


anony tu said...

Sasquatches are used to gettin the short end of the stick.

Anonymous said...

This is from Mojo's hometown Niagra Gazzette. I almost wet myself...

Wed, Feb 11 2009
H: 60 L: 37Click for more weather

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Calendar | Columns | Crime | Special Sections |
Published: February 10, 2009 08:47 pm

NEWFANE: Teacher reassigned after hitting incident

By Joe Olenick
Niagara Gazette

A Newfane teacher accused of hitting a child is being reassigned within the district, Superintendent Gary Pogorzelski said Tuesday.

Music teacher Marie VanDette is accused of striking a student with a xylophone mallet during a music class in October. The District previously concluded there was insufficient evidence to sustain a disciplinary proceeding against the teacher, and she was restored to duty.

The parents of the student involved, however, continued to press the allegations against the teacher. Among other things, they filed a formal Notice of Claim, which normally must be done before a lawsuit can be filed against the district. Others have since appeared before the District’s Board of Education in support of the parents.

Newfane Superintendent Gary Pogorzelski said the reassignment will permit the teacher to assist with some needed curriculum work. He also said it will permit a re-examination of the results of the original investigation, the associated claims from those supporting the parents’ allegations and the results of the inquiry being made under the notice of claim procedure.

In a released statement, Pogorzelski said “no one should conclude that the reassignment was made because of a belief that the teacher is guilty of any misconduct. Rather reassigning VanDette will not only aid the district in bringing the matter to a conclusion, but it also will relieve both the teacher and the elementary school from the distractions that have accompanied the controversy.”

Pogorzelski added once both the curriculum work and the additional investigation are complete, a final decision concerning VanDette’s status will be made

I hope all is well at home my friend.


Mojopo said...

My niece says that Ms. VanDette has always had anger issues and frequently throws things.

LOL - the story was on the front page of the paper yesterday! Pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

Ms. VanDette needs to stop by Walgreens and pick up her Prozac. Too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ on a bike!!! Toady planes are falling out of the sky in Buffalo NY. What is it about the eastern corridor????


anony tu said...

There are simply not enough adjectives in the language to express how badly I am missing Ms Mojo. Wishing peace to her and her family.

It is usually this time of the week that she graces us with her analysis of the week's Mojopoll, and, though she hasn't asked me to do so, I know she'll be relieved to find that someone stepped in for her. Neither did my wife ask me to hang my collection of mummified monkey paws to decorate our bathroom -- it was just an act of love. So, here goes:

Ms Mojo is a stickler for democracy, as you all know. She is so ardent a fan of people being allowed to vote their conscience that she takes all pains imaginable in her splendid polls to offer every possible choice anybody could ever want. This week, the majority of you took the slackers' choice, "whatever man, whatever." This begs the question, if you're gonna vote for the uncommitted option, why vote at all? It's a rhetorical question, don't answer, I already know your answer: Whatever man, whatever. Slackers!

The correct choice for this week's poll was "I like sasquatches." That is to say it was the only reasonable option. I personally dropped a number of hints, but, as usual, the slack-voters couldn't pick up a hint with a steam shovel. And, then, there were those other people, the Martian sympathizers. God, I hate them. They're selling out the human race but, as always, they are incorrigible. Of course, any hopes that the correct choice, "I like sasquatches," had of succeeding were dashed the moment the Martian-lovers entered the room.

We're not even going to talk about the Rainbow people, but aren't they just the goodest goody-goods you've ever encountered in your lives? Hope you brought your puke bag! Also, an amazingly high number of you chose the Green Pinkos option, which was only thrown in there for fun. It was a gag. Christ, you people really screwed this week's poll. Try to do better next time.


Minnie-sota said...

Hahaha, Anony Tu. I just stopped by to declare, "I like Sasquatches" the winner, despite the votes for Whatever. I am taking lessons from the Republicans and stealing elections.

anony t. said...

I know, Minnie. If Mojo were here, she'd know exactly what to say about this week's poll, and all those non-sasquatch voters would feel real shame. Me? All I can manage to do is piss them off and make them ever more determined to derail the sasquatch express.

Jee-ZUS! I miss Mojo! Let's watch this video of her getting her freak on, while we pine for her.

Anonymous said...

There are sasquatch lovers and bad losers...*sigh*

I wish you a good week guys!

Also missing Mojo,


James said...

We all miss the Mojo.

a.t. said...

It is not the pollsters who have lost this time. It is the lonely sasquatch. *with tears rolling down my cheeks*