Saturday, February 07, 2009

Woman Terrified By Midnight Dog-Walker

From the Lockport, NY Union Sun & Journal police blotter:
Town of Lockport
• SUSPICIOUS PERSON: A woman reported she was walking down Central Avenue about midnight Saturday when an unknown male walking a small dog attempted to stop her and engage her in conservation. She ran away and heard someone following her say “Come here. I just want to talk to you.” She said he was going to tell her parents and the man said, "No. No. Don't do that I just want to talk." She stopped at a friends’ house on Central and attempted to wake him up by knocking on the door with no answer. She hopped over the fence in the backyard and ripped her jeans. She continued to go back to her friend’s house on Branch where she called her father. The male was about 6-feet tall and around 40 years of age. He wearing jeans with a dark color shirt and had something shiny on the right side belt area.
I love these kinds of near misses! My first impression is that the suspicious man was a psychotic masher or the Zodiac Killer, because I always default to the worst-case scenario. Then again, what if she made the whole thing up get Dad off the couch? My apologies, ma’am, but I have to ask.

Absolutely no one was coming at the woman with a hammer, and then she made a big huge scene at her friend’s house. If she was truly worried might she have screamed first (or called the cops) instead of going on a walkabout and ripping her pants? Call me a cynic, but I've seen all of the detective shows on A&E. This case smells more like dog than wolfman.

You know what? She is reading far too many bad Emo-vampire books. I would prescribe JK Rowling to the young woman, because the Potter stuff actually goes somewhere.

Obviously there is an outside chance that the woman escaped a sinister dog-walker with an eye for the ladies. Oh no! Call 911!

Some guy juggling with music by Chris Ligon (Crazy Daisy)

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Anonymous said...

You can never be too paranoid.....


Minnie-sota said...

They will discover it was all the dog's fault. Beware small dogs.