Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Day Off

I’m not writing a blog today because I’m busy looking for chicken wings to eat during the Super Bowl. Did you know about the chicken wing shortage? What a castastrophe! This was totally under my radar. Also, I injured my shoulder in the dishwasher. Long story!

Don’t worry. My shoulder hurts much less than my face did, when it got caught in the oscillating fan. Do I LOOK like I studied coordination?

Like some other people you know, I’m going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with that – not even a remote clue. Pittsburgh is playing Arizona, and that’s as far as I can go. I’ve seen this show a bazillion times but nothing ever stuck with me. I’m there for the commercials and because I can shout, “WHOOO WHOOO WHOOO!” when I feel like it. It is an honor to be the designated Whooo Whooo Person. No, I don’t even need a beverage.

Back to my point: I can’t write a blog today because of a chicken wing conspiracy, football, and because the dishwasher tried to kill me.

Have a happy day!

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anonytuuu said...

What is this "super bowl" did you say? Never heard of it.

You pass on valuable information about an impending collapse of the wings market, and you don't call that bloggin'? I call that bloggin'!!! I'm giving THIS Mojopost a 10, because now I know to horde all the chicken wings I can get my paws on! Mojo, have you EVER written a bad post? I'd like to see it just one time.

atuuu said...

PS -- Eat the rich is in a dead heat with End expensive wars. Tax Republics is pummeling both. But I think the peeples voting Tax Republicans think they're voting for the same thing as Eat the rich. That is, I think they see Eat the rich as a metaphor for Tax Republicans. Well, there's time enough to change those votes people because Eat the rich means anything but Tax Republicans. First, the rich are NOT afraid of taxes. They have years and years of tricks up their sleeves for looping through holes where taxes are concerned. You'll get no vindication for the past eight years by taxing the rich. No! The only thing that scares the rich is being eaten! And whaen I say eaten, I mean brisket bordelaise, liver pate, chitlins even. We ain't foolin around in the Eat the rich camp, we're already sharpening up our boning knives. You Tax Republican folk are just like Nancy Pelosi where it comes to giving assholes what they've been asking for. Go ahead and Tax Republicans if that's what you really believe will help. But if you really want to see the rich on their knees begging for mercy, vote Eat the rich!

antuuu said...

PPS-- We will not eat Oprah.

anoytu said...

Hmmmm. No Mojopo, and it's the witching hour. Scrotch and me is worried. Maybe this super bowl thing is seriously super. Maybe we should be super bowling too. Okay, we're in! How do we start? And what sort of point spread are we talkin if I want to bet long on the Steelers?

Wait a minute! You said a chicken wing shortage epidemic! I thought you meant somethin like angel wings and I'm not ever expecting to own a pair of those! Chicken wings?!! Are the chickens not growing wings? Are they evolving? Are they growing arms? This makes me remember my big brothers and sister when I was a tad. They always managed to get to the chicken bucket before me and would pick out all the sweet white meat pieces, leaving me with nothing but legs and thighs, which may explain my penchant for ass worship and cannibalism.
Vote Eat the rich. Trickle down economics is a blood sport.

Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, I wish I could fly in to partake of your chicken wings! Whoo Whoo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the buffalo chicken wings recipe. What about a boycott like instead of chicken wings we all have salad? Just an idea


Anonymous said...

oh! Good Morning, Mojo!

I see, we have a new poll. I'll wait for instructions from atu to use my voteS ;-)


Mojopo said...

You all need to know something. Every one of you was mentioned during a Superbowl meet-up at my house. Apparently we make the front page of Google every now and then, and your comments are the most hilarious things in the history of ever.

I'm so proud of you!