Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random Diversion Blog

So here’s the deal: I’m typing with one hand and words take much longer to spell. I’m wearing a sling on my right arm – something about bursitis or a rotator cuff thing. Be that as it may, I’m willing to qualify with a new blog. It’s not like I’ve got a diving bell and butterfly problem, ok? I hate Locked-In Syndrome as much as you do.

Today it’s just you and me. No Digg, no Technorati – none of that sensible networking stuff that takes more time to tap out on a keyboard. Let’s get lost. Together we can ride bareback through the Blogosphere!

Our first diversion of the week? People who run red lights. How much do we hate that? “Oh no – did they run the light? Oh my God! We almost died!”

I love Live Leak. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

That reminds me… I haven’t been rear-ended in forever. I’m due. Damn.


Mojopo said...

I hate driving. Mostly because I don't have a tall vehicle that can see around corners. If I had one of those, I'd bail on every red light I can find. When my car dies, Imma but something big that runs on french fry oil.

Mojopo said...

also, i'd like a free pass to avoid the caps lock. can we handle that for a few days, without making me look retarded? oh, thanks.

Yvette said...

free pass granted (mainly because I never capitalize).
I've been guilty of running red lights. One was a close call and it happened at an intersection where they have two stoplights. You know the ones, where there is one stoplight and about three feet further there is another one? Anyway, I was looking at the stoplight that was further away and that one turned green before the one where I was stopped, so I just assumed mine was green too. I almost got hit and it scared the dookie out of me.
Oh, and the pedestrian in the video got hit on a yellow light.

anony said...

i likes this mojopost! whoohoo, does i likes it!

this mojopost gets a 10 because it's author, our goddess of view, puts her responsibility to we, the reading public, over her own personally health and welfare! my gad, people, the woman is recently crippled and she ain't takin a break!

this makes me want to take my own reported job more seriously and, i don't know, maybe DO IT from time to time. maybe not.

LV, i have never met a martian i didn't fear and loathe. ask a martian what he or she wants us to do and what will he say? "die!" i can't feel warm and fuzzy toward people like that.

Anonymous said...

go sasquatch!

PapaPig said...

i think i like no caps. makes it interesting but it's really hard not to hit the shift key if you touch type, as it's instinct.

over stuff like typing german on an english keyboard. some capital letters in german take 3 keys down at once to make the character. i would have to tell my german email buddies this week it's english lessons.

mojo hope it gets better girl. pigs in florida need our daily post and thing everyone including whatabitch in chicago should be in good health.

Anonymous said...

no caps makes for kinder and gentler posts. you are most certainly granted a pass on the cap lock until such a time as your arm is all better. 'kay! and even then i don't see any reeason for it.... i hate the red light runners!! i've had several close calls. and the drivers here in las vegas are insane!


Anonymous said...

Mojo, good that you didn't fight again a washing machine

take care.

I'm not sexual confused nor religious blinded, i'm only race color-blind.

Sasquatch is a creed, right? ;-)


Your friend, Rusty said...

I love driving even though I live in an area where 3-5 people run every red light and protected left turn. They're usually soccer moms in minivans on their way to or coming home from Yoga. I call it TWTW syndrome: Too white to wait.

Mojopo said...

i had two kids cut me off at the stop sign the other day. i was trying to turn left, and they were supposed to be going straight down a 1-way street. instead, they hammered the gas and turned left, and i saw them high fiving and celebrating afterwards (from my pov behind them). is cutting off a nissan cool these days? i could understand their joy if I was in a lamborghini. something expensive. those little retards!

Minnie-sota said...

mojo, i'm not using caps because this is my way of giving you sympathy for your arm pain.

i've been busy all day so this is the first i've had a chance to comment.

hey, have you tried using any speech technology? it is built into my windows vista laptop. i use it every once in a while when my carpal tunnel kicks in.

anonytuuu said...

sasquatches are unassuming folk. in the words of e.e. cummings:

'o, sasquatch, my sasquatch,
tho' thy countenance be heavy and
thy foot be big,
thou hath lain it gently upon thy path.'

i believe that was cummings. might have been walt whitman.

speaking of cummings, our mojo is crippled and is now caps-challenged. in consolidarity, we are by-passing caps, yes? that's what i love about our mojo. she brings us all together, martian people, sasquatch people, whatever man, it doesn't matter who we are when we rally round our goddess of view. i hope to meet her some day. smoke some cigarettes, throw back a couple dozen martini juices, and perhaps get married and have a lot of children together. no? okay, martinis, then.

PapaPig said...

Today some of my Hope was dashed.

Obama signed a bill that will cost me another $6.20 a week to support my cigarette habit. No it's not a good habit. But it's a tax I can't afford to pay right now.

He said no tax increases on people below $250,000.00, but I bet smoking is more a lower income habit. Hell he can't stop smoking despite trying!

Then there was a job at a local TV station, but now they have to leave on their analog transmitter so there goes the money that might have been mine or someone's job.

Really bad day on the hill and in the pen of President Obama.

What the hell did I expect, bunch of idiot politicians.

Hope? Nope......

Hate to tell the crowd today, but I agreed with the Republicans. Which was weird to me also.

Why I am an Independent, because they all suck.

Mojopo said...

papa, they do suck. but I favor obama's SCHIP penmanship, and the bail-out makes sense to paul krugman (which means that it makes sense to me). krugamn won a nobel prize last year for economics, and he hates partisan bickering.

don't dream it's over, papa pig. however, that analogue bullshit is straight-up bananas. we have spent 2 years being warned, and then the coupon program for converter boxes had major fails. the chi-trib has a program, in that people who have extra coupons donated them to people in need. it's been a big success in spite of all of the other political bull.

i too am unhappy with cigarette taxes. as you know, i favor taxing republicans instead of me (or the people i like). it's fuckery.

anypoop - did you see blago on letterman? i loves me some dave.

Mojopo said...

have you voted for a sascrotch today?

James said...

Oh, that poor bastard of a pedestrian. It looked like he even got up after getting flipped.