Monday, September 08, 2008

I Have The Day Off Today

Oh, for real. Today is my day. Imma play YouTube, Imma troll Republican blogs with sex-chat links and eat turkey bacon sandwiches. I've got my feet up right now, too.

You must be crazy to be working on a Monday. I hate working on Mondays and would gladly work any Friday you throw at me. You wanna know why? Because no one does anything on Friday anyway, and that is the day "most people" make copies and fax stuff before 5:00 EST. What a cake walk Friday is. Friday is Bring Donuts Day, and Fuck Around Until You Punch Out Day.

Monday is different. You have to show up on time on Mondays, after sleeping poorly the night before. Then it's through the gaunlet: drive to work, see the receptionist, get your mail, make twenty bazillion calls before lunch and try to get home before it's dark outside. I can't live that way. When I turned 39, I made a pact with myself to never endure a Monday in an office. The resulting financial instability is nothing compared to my lowered blood pressure and sunny outlook every week.

Ferris Bueller - Twist And Shout


Mojopo said...

P.S.: If you ever call in sick on a Monday, make sure you call in sick Tuesday, too, just so people know you're being serious.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice week start!


Yvette said...

Well, hell...what a fucked up thing to read first thing at work on a Monday morning!

Your friend, Rusty said...

I work from home and I tend to blow off Fridays and Mondays.

Save Ferris!

Mojopo said...

I'm making goulash. Which should always be mispronounced, if you want to make it properly. It's called GOOLASHK. Eat your goolashk. People in gulags would KILL for my goolashk! If you keep behaving that way, the goolashk will find you unworthy of it's savory flavorosity

Christi said...

I cannot resist Ferris. Vet and I were just talking about Ferris. I tried to call in sick yesterday, but I work for myself. So when I called, myself told me to get my ass outside to the work shed. But myself let me take a nice long lunch break.