Monday, April 20, 2009

Kill Ur Internet

Having spent the most of my time off-line since February I discovered that I don’t need the Internet as much as it needs me. The whole time you’re on this thing, one might feel like their mind is engaged with information and newsy things, which is exactly what the Internet would have you believe. The truth is that the Internet has settled into your lower intestine, it is laying eggs and moving on to new hosts.

Sally, I’m so serious.

The truth is that world outside your window isn’t half as much fun as having a digitally infected colon. In real-life you have to keep listening to people, and you can’t just pretend to log-off. For that reason alone I am willing to keep the worm in my rear, but I think it is good for me to endure things sometimes. It might even keep me humble. I bought some puzzle magazines to keep me busy, girl, and to prove a point. I'm a fricking genius with Frameworks and I don't care who knows it. It could happen to you, too.

The other truth is that real human beings are much more interesting that anything you can play with on-line. They say the craziest, most beautiful things. They have real arms to reach out with. Their flowers smell better, too. For all of the information we are privy to on-line, there are other things we miss about people and their gifts if we cannot see their faces.

Further, we don’t really need most of the information we receive on-line. Some of the information is very good and the rest of it is only helping you waste time. How many times have to looked up obscure, ridiculous information because you have a half hour to spare? You said it would be five minutes but that was wishful thinking.

There is a wealth of information on-line but most of it is clutter. It is the remnants in the bottom of your purse and junk in your shed you might never need. The worm feeding in your rectum won’t point this out but I will.

All My Love,

The Load Out/Stay – Live 1978

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maureen said...

MJ - How right you are. We think we are connected but really we only choose to hear what we want to from the internet because we search for most of that info. Engaging with others can be very enlightening. The actual human contact and the look on their faces tell so much more. I respect that you are a writer but so many times the written word has been taken in the wrong context and gotten me in so much trouble. One more reason I've yet to text message!! Do we really need all this technology? Love you! How is your dad?

Speedy said...

Absolutely right you are Mojo! Most of the "stuff" is pap on the internet. Except of course Mojo! =)

anony tu said...

Ohhhh, let me breathe it in deeply. Ahhhhhh!

Yes! This Mojopost is the tennest ten I've ever given any post anywhere... EVER!

Mojo, I don't know how the world would stay on its axis without you! This is Rumi! This is Tao! If our lives moved in a straight line from point A to point Z, we'd only need a couple of seconds to live them. But they don't move that way. They are circlesque -- oogly, woogly circles at that! The reason we should go willingly -- NO! HAPPILY! -- into the dark chapters of our lives is because... changes us. It adds knew oogles to our circles, yes?

The internet could be anything people can be if it weren't for one thing, I think: improvisation. Out in the world, we have to perform impromptu for the most part. The appeal of the internet is that we can take all the time we like within reason. Take my post, for instance. The one I'm writing now. You think I just pulled this thing out of my butt?! Hell no! If I'd've pulled it out of there, this is what it would've looked like:

Errr, yepsy-doodle, this un is a goodun, Mojo. It sorta makes me feel... er...

anony tu said...

PS -- Please don't ask me if I go happily into my dark chapters. I don't. I go pining and whimpering with both hands over my crotch, but you love me anyway.

J9 said...

Mojo, you are farr too correct on this matter, and in fact, I spent the weekend removing some of the blogs I follow, some of my "friends" on facebook, and trying to simplify - for me it's difficult because I am by nature a pack rat, then purge type.

Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, over the years, I've found a myriad of ways, both online and offline, to waste my time. But reading your blog is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Minnie, my thoughts exactly. There are tons of places to waste time online, but this blog is definitely not on that list.


Anonymous said...

I don’t need the Internet as much as it needs me.You're so right! We missed you so much!


Anonymous said...

About your book idea. I do think, that's something the world needs, and I mean the world because also on this side of the Atlantic, I've heard such stories.