Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hugo Chavez Is A Butthorn

Which would you rather – a raging herpes infection or Hugo Chavez as president? Each carries a life sentence with no known cure. As a confirmed pinko liberal, I feel that it is my duty to be honest. When I say that Venezuela's president, Ooogo, is a incompetent butthorn, I really mean it. And how.

Think I’m kidding? That’s all right. Be your own judge and check out this enlightening PBS program, The Hugo Chavez Show.

Ooogo loves TV. He goes on TV for hours at a time to fanny-smack his underlings and rant like a paranoid cokehead. I hate cokeheads. They never shut up.

Under Ooogo, VZ has one of the highest crimes rates in the Americas. If you’re looking to be murdered, relived of your jewelry or to enjoy an afternoon carjacking, perhaps you should consider visiting Caracas? Don’t forget your flak jacket and armored vehicle, kids!

People in VZ cannot eat petroleum, so they enjoy frequent food shortages. During their downtime, Venezuelans dodge kidnappers. A corrupt bureaucracy is in place for entertainment purposes. My, how exciting!

Is it going to take another lungful of tear gas to change things?

I’m in the US. We finally managed to dump our Dubya to elect Barack Obama. God knows we have some lazy, uninvolved people in this country. If we can get a decent leader, considering our average IQ, surely VZ can get their act together, too? A girl can dream. Good luck, Venezuelans. I’m on your side.

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Anonymous said...

good luck, Venezuelans.


Mojopo said...

LV, the link the to NPR program is fabulous. If you have an hour-ish to spend, I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I'll try it in the evening.


widepart said...

Who is Hugo really?
I don't know, I just hope the U S is not making the same errors it did in Cuba.

If this generation of Americans knew the real story about what happened when Castro took control of the country from an American backed and funded dictator. Cuba looked first to the U S for help. The U S at first praised him then pissed on him because he wouldn't continue the schemes of the old dictator and give back all the American owned properties and businesses that had for so many years been ripping off the Cuban people and the resources of the country that American demand even included were the businesses owned and operated by American organized crime. The U S then branded him as a commie and cut off all relations. What happened then was the Cubans got a leftest regime that had nowhere to go for help until the soviets chimed in and helped the country moving further left than even Fidel wanted.(beggars can't be choosers, and Cuba was begging)

Hugo does not have the disadvantage of being poor because of his oil but he too took over a country that was in desperate need of reform and because he also is left leaning and weak militarily the U S again pissed on him in ways that we all remember and with no Soviet Union around to help is governing he too became a ruler and a bad one. Like Castro he was a revolutionary who shouldn't be a leader but it was the treatment of the country and it's leadership by the U S and if you remember your history the CIA and their activities in South America that made him what he is today.

It is my hope that a NEW AMERICA under its new president will learn from history and look at emerging nations with an eye to working with them, helping them, showing them the way to be good world citizens (even if they are Socialists) and not by falling back on the old ways - OUR WAY OR WE'LL CUT YOU OFF FROM EVERY THING WE AND THE REST OF OUR ALLIES CAN DO TO HELP.

Not that I like the Fidel or Hugo or their ways but they were made what they are today in the most part by the heavy hand of what was once was the planet's biggest bully and isolated. Not the way to build international friendship.

For those of you that think that the U S can't abide by befriending a leftist government......think CHINA when suits your governments purpose it is easy to do.

I'm rambling........just my uncommonsense.

Minnie-sota said...

I'll try to watch the program so I can learn more, especially since my pal Edilma lives in Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe the Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro will make nice with the US because we make nice with them? Not gonna happen and it's a naive and juvenile to think it will. These people are shit house crazy. They don't even care about the people they squeeze the life out of so they can have everything. And until someone shoots them they will stay in power. Happy Thankgiving!!!! =)

Minnie-sota said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Anony. I think you may be right about shit house crazy.

Julia_1984 said...

Ooogo... just had a huge laugh after reading the way you call my president, trying to imitate spanish. Back to topic... I'm pretty sure the Venezuelans some day will choose a better leader; he only have four years left at his office if we are lucky so I'm hopeful and I would pick Chavez over a raging herpes infection. I'm sorry, I live in Venezuela and I need to believe there's a cure.

PapaPig said...

I ask that question all the time. Cuba and Venezuela are bad bad evil poop heads, but China is favorite son status.


Mojopo said...

Julia, thank you for commenting. I'm not sure if you will visit again, but I wanted to say how glad I am that you laughed. I see that Ooogo is trying to be president for life again, after his latest TV appearance on Sunday. Man, that guy is embarrassing. I cant wait for you to be rid of him!