Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Obama Hits the Reset Button

President Barack Obama peed on the smoldering ruins of George Bush's presidency yesterday. Specifically, the new president arrested last-minute regulations set in motion by the Bush administration. The US House and Senate will aid his endeavor by preparing legislation that makes it easier for Pres. Obama to knock that crap off right now.

From ProPublica:
Of the 65 rules we listed on our Midnight Regulations chart [1], 23 have gone into effect; about a third of those have gone live, so to speak, since Sunday.
Obama’s gay watersports trick will easily squelch the regulations not yet in effect. The hard part is finding a way to drown the bad ideas once they have become a reality.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, is all over this like Daniel Plainview with a bowling pin for Eli Sunday.

In addition to undoing some damage, Pres. Obama spent his first full day in office pitching diplomacy to the Middle East. Then he had a press conference to tell us he would never slip his manhood into our special place without us knowing it (unlike some people). Obama finished the day re-doing his oath of office with Chief Justice John Roberts, to shut-up the conspiracy theorists and social outcasts who fixate on inconsequential absurdities.

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Minnie-sota said...

"to shut-up the conspiracy theorists and social outcasts who fixate on inconsequential absurdities." Yes, the idiots, who have nothing better to do.

I hear he did something to create more open government via the Freedom of Information Act. YAY!

I see Hillary Clinton was confirmed and sworn in as Secretary of State.

Hit the ground running...

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe they did the oath of office again. OMG!!! The conspiracy theorists are running amuck. Are they still after him for not being a citizen???


Mojopo said...


Anonymous said...

What the f*ck are they gonna do with those dregs of the Arab world?? I know!!! Up them in a prison in upstate NY where it's cold as hell..... =)


a.t. said...

Come on, now, Speedy. We don't know whether they are dregs or not as the majority of them have never been charged with anything nor have the majority received any sort of trial.

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