Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sanford To Receive The Beating Of His Life?

South Carolina is not fucking around. Mojopost just received this ominous tidbit:

News Release

For Immediate Release

Lt. Governor to Hold Press Conference Wednesday, August 26.

Lt. Governor Andre Bauer will issue a major public statement concerning the ongoing investigation of Governor Mark Sanford today at 12:00 pm on the first floor of the Statehouse.

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Speedy said...

I hope they serve his balls on a platter to guest with hollandaise or cheese sauce....

anony tu said...

I think bordelaise is the proper sauce for balls.

Speedy said...

You may have a point a.t.!! :)

KatPopp's friend said...

What I've never understood about the Republicans is their public call to family values, which on a personal level, they're apparently not that interested in. If I were a Republican politician of this ilk, when family values came up, I'd just change the subject; I wouldn't jump on the bandwagon and hope no one noticed I was there.