Thursday, September 24, 2009

Politics Of Love - New VH-1 Series with John Edwards

Morally impoverished former presidential candidate John Edwards is dating again. Which community college cutie from night school can win John's heart? Watch Politics Of Love, Monday at 9:00 PM on VH-1.

I spoke with Bret Michaels (Rock of Love, lead singer of Poison, douchebag) about dating on reality programs.

"For me, the experience was complicated by medical conditions I may or may not have. Finding the right women, who may or may not share these afflictions - burning, itching and whatnot - was a daunting task for the producers. Once we got everything in sync, I think we resolved my lack of depth with just the right amount of hair weaves, cleavage and Valtrex®."

Flavor Flav, asthmatic cocksman from Flavor of Love, also commented:

"People said my show could not be real, that is was too much to believe. What is not real about women with acrylic nails and breast implants fighting for the love of a short and ugly, but rich and famous man? I mean - hello? Have you SEEN Ron Perelman? And he had Ellen Barkin, when she was hot. I rest my case."

I asked John Edwards if he's still waiting for his wife to die, so that he can marry his baby mother. Edwards had no comment.

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Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, I've been so busy and haven't been to your blog lately. I was just hearing more about John Edwards on the radio yesterday. It appears that tell-all staffers and politicians have sunk to new lows on the politics and love scale. VH-1 one is a perfectly low place for JE to land. Hah.

J9 said...


Speedy said...

Hmmm... I think Minnie has a point here. I think politics in general has sunk to a new low!

Mojopo said...

I barely watch political news shows anymore, which is VERY weird for me. I feel like I can't get clean when the program is over.

If ever there was a need for a variety program (like Carol Burnett's show or something), the time is ripe! People want escapism. Or maybe it's just me? No, I can't believe that.

I am a writer in search of a variety program to pitch. It could be wonderful if you let it happen. All the kids will want one. It tastes like candy, too.

anony tu said...

See? THIS is why I am a Mojopo fanatic. All the while I've been thinkin drugs and alcohol are the only ways to escape reality. But, reading this post, it dawns on me that I did not pick up on them until after The Ed Sullivan Show went off the air.

anony tu said...

Speaking of variety, one of the things that keeps my feet nailed to Mojopo is the fact that I can go off topic anytime I likes to -- and I likes to a lot! -- and Mojo never leaves me a smarmy little message like some of those sitemonitors at some larger more filled with self-importance blogs. Heck, Mojoposts are DESIGNED to ignite the creative spark in folk, haven't you noticed?

So, lemme tell you about waffles. In South Louisiana (yes, we've declared ourselves a state), we don't eat waffles for breakfast mostly. What we mostly do with waffles is put ice cream on them. That's our version of a waffle cone. You should try it. I recommend Eggo's!

So, one of my students once made a huge Oldenbergesque replica of an Eggo out of Leggo's. Clever -- "leggo my Eggo." It was a wall hanging and on it he painted both the Eggo and the Leggo logos. Eggo Leggo logos -- say it three times fast. I said, "You know, those are trademarks. You can get sued for using someone's trademark, I think." He said, "Oh. Do you think I should paint over them?" "Hell no!" I said, "Getting sued has put a lot of struggling artists on the map! What're they going to get if they sue you, anyway?"

Andy Warhol said, "There is no BAD publicity."

The reason I'm even saying this is because of the teabaggers. They are proving that America is dumb as a post. This is the greatest time ever for artists and writers, then! For instance, if Mojo were to write an expose and just make up shit about the teabaggers -- like interviews with nondescript teabaggers saying outrageous stupid shit -- even if the interviews never took place, she could get away with it. I suggest a motif like Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire -- tracing the evolution of a teabagger from innocence to full blown teabaggery.

Down, Scrotch, down!

PapaPig said...

Just Pig posting so you know I am alive and well. This one is too weird to even have an opinion much less comment.

A thought:
E pluribus unum. Do we have too much pluribus today and not enough unum?

anony tu said...

Oh, no. There's no new Mojopost here. Jeeezus, that means another night of C and L.

PapaPig said...

Where is the Mojo?

Now I am worrying..........


PapaPig said...

I have stopped watching the news except for PBS. Not so much the PBS news hour, which is good, but lately I like BBC but mostly World Focus.

I feel dirty also after watching the cable or even the major broadcast news. Local news is even filthier.

Politics is at an all time low in the country, with the nut cases on the right setting the stage to take over.

Right now both parties are so corrupt with their purse strings in corporate America there are no politics. We live in a total oligarchy. Wall Street booms using the same old tricks, without restraint while the rest of us struggle.

All the things that should create a recovery are not there. Manufacturing is gone. We can't just survive as an economy on new construction alone. Sooner or later we are building for people that don't have the money to buy. Oops, that already happened.

Obama is a wash out bowing to be corporate and Wall Street money.

If this doesn't change we are headed for a double dip recession that could and probably will be much worse than we just had.

The problem is we can't ignore it, but what do we do? I am at a loss to answer this as I am just sitting watching this without a clue, because those in power can't be stopped at this point.

I worry deeply for the future.

We face

1) probably a second recession much worse than this one

2) defeat in Afghanistan.

3) no new jobs, there is no real recovery happening (see 1 above).

Pretty gloomy.

I am hearing Wall Street people on TV saying we can't go back to the days of Glass Steagall, that derivatives are fine, etc. That phony capital is fine.

GOPnot4me said...

Where is my Mojo? I cannot go on without Mojo. Who could? Talk to us , girl, we love and miss you. I already have too much worry. We can't be left hangin'. Lv, GOPnot4me.

Anonymous said...

fresh air and healthy lungs killed Mojo =(


anony tu said...

Imma get a plane to Chi town and look for that Ms Mojopo.When I find her, imma gonna sit her down, put her hands on the keyboard and I ain't leaving til she types somethin. That's what I'm gonna do!

Anonymous said...

yes anony. Please, do it!