Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catching Up With Exclamation Points!

I have not blogged in a month! Maybe one or more of you wonder why! I'll tell you that and more!

I joined the Y to get my ass down to human size!

I got sick of cable news and politics! Keith Olbermann's noogies! Teabaggers! Balloon Boy! Liberal's fixation with Glenn Beck and FOX News - whatev! I've got better shit to do!

Blogging was taking time away from real-life adventures! Like bowling! And sobriety!

I got my mind on money and money on my mind! So I'm writing a book! It will have actual pages full of sentences to read!

I'm trying to find out what goes into a submission packet for late-night TV writers! Apparently, it is a giant secret! WTF! It's like trying to find a fat kid who DOES NOT smell like Burger King!

Also! The Bermuda Triangle is located off the coast of Twitter, between Facebook and a news feed icon! Unplug when the compass goes bananas!

That's what I'm up to! Hit me back, stranger! Have a happy day!

Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me

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Your friend, Rusty said...

"So I'm writing a book!"

Speedy said...

Fantastic Mojo!!! I can't wait to buy your book! :)

Mojopo said...


Minnie-sota said...

YAY! I can't wait for a Mojo book. Place me on the pre-order list.

Since I am too busy to write a book, I have been writing titles to poems instead. Not the actual poem, just the titles.

My latest is about Facebook. The title is, "It's free and anyone can join."

Another poem title for Twitter is:
My Life in 140 Characters.


Mojopo said...

Minnie, link me up to your poetry!

tarleisio said...

So good to see you back and happy and your usual soul-of-anarchy self! I'll buy your book! And strange, isn't it - that blogging gets in the way of real life, which, so the mythology goes, is what we're supposed to be writing about, right?

Or maybe that was that other parallel universe...

Mojopo said...

P.S.: I still don't smoke!! OMFG!

Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, it is a bit ironic that a couple of my friends stopped smoking and I took up smoking cigars, but only on occasion.

Hey, that sounds like another poem (I have taken up smoking cigars, but only on occasion).

Mojopo said...

Minnie, actually it sounds like a Simon & Garfunkle song. "Hello darkness my old friend, lets smoke cigars now and then..."

anony tu said...

I haven't noticed that real life is any different than blogging.

anony tu said...

That is to say that any sort of writing, like any other artform, necessarily requires a stepping back from the thick of reality -- out of the forest, so to speak, in order to see the trees. But that's just me.

I think it's wonderful that you're writing a book. All I know about writing for sure is that writers do it or they aren't writers.

PapaPig said...

Mojo, you are not alone. I no longer watch any cable news or broadcast news. I use World Focus and BCC to keep up on general events as they don't have the same old crappy slant the American networks have. (every one has a slant or bias).

I have not been around much either, because I am working as a dishwasher (well below my pay grade) but it's 3 miles away, where the next jobs are 25 to 45 miles away.

I have lost 20 pounds and getting skinnier. Sadly I have not attacked my cigarette habit. My general health and endurance though is up by hundreds of percent doing physical labor.

I too am sick of both parties singing a pretty song to the masses, making them happy, while the real action is given to a select few.

I have lost all faith in the American political system as it exists today. It will take things getting much worse for us working stiffs before more people see they are being screwed by the left and the right.

So in the mean time I am honing what I hope are survival skills of hard work, gardens, reducing my own dependence on the system at any even tiny turn I can achieve. Alas I doubt it will be enough but still every ounce will help.

I hope you keep posting, as I missed the month long silence deeply.

Da Pig..... aka Piggie, aka PapaPig.