Friday, July 06, 2007

The Song About Olcott Beach

In 1973, King Harvest recorded a fun song about Olcott Beach, NY - my hometown. '73 was the year I started first grade. The band was living in a hotel at the end of my street for a while, called The Olcott Inn. The Inn is gone, and I think King Harvest disappeared shortly after this song emerged. Wherever they are, hope they're doing well.

I'm going to Olcott Beach today, and staying the week. This is the song about where I came from.


Anonymous said...

The Olcott Inn became the Commodore Inn, 6000 E Main Street. It's quite run down, but it's still there. I was there yesterday

Kevin 8/13/08

Mojopo said...

Thanks for the update, Kevin. The new place is kind of beat up, but good memories remain.