Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Break The Habit

A new, on-going feature at Mojopost is How To Break Things. As I mentioned last week, I’m attempting to put away convenient, handy tools and using whatever else I find handy for a job. More likely than not, things might be broken along the way. The reason I’m doing this is obscure and hard to explain, but I can honestly assure you that this is a considerate attempt to understand human creativity at a more organic level. Also, I’m uniquely attuned to destruction because I have been divorced twice.

Earlier this week, I decided to take a proactive approach at keeping my cat, Bebe, from climbing into my clothes closet and destroying my nice shirts. What happens is that she pulls open the louvre doors with her claws and climbs up my shirts to get to the sweater shelf. Once there, she can sleep in peace and leave behind copious amounts of fur. She has shredded some clothes I like to wear in public – clothes that made me feel cool and “with it”. I don’t know about you, but chic is hard to come by for me and that is why it is important to stop Bebe.

Technophiles might think about using electric shock collars on their cats. I considered this, and there was an invisible electric fence on Google I could have installed around my closet, but it carried more risk than I was willing to bear. I’m no PETA hippy, but tasering kitty is simply not on my agenda and it never will be. That is why I decided to go low budget and low-tech.

Bungee cords are kind of amazing. What I did is wrap a bungee cord around the closet door handles. Bebe can no longer open the doors because the primitive power of Bungee (behold!) is greater than her paw torque. Bebe spent three days clawing the doors to try and make them open and I’m going to need to sand and paint, but at least she can no longer use my seductive disco shirts as a ladder.

My wardrobe closets and their corded doors have given the condo a college dorm feel. I’ve had an urge to buy fawties and thought about shopping at Goodwill for pillbox hats and used shoes. On a whim, I ate Ramen Noodles (spicy chicken, fifty cents).

Low tech wins this week’s installment of How To Break Things.

A nod to college rock:

The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man


Yvette said...

bungee cords are brilliant. If I could own something, it would be a bungee cord. So versatile.

Anonymous said...

"The reason I’m doing this is obscure and hard to explain"

That sounds like a good drinkin phrase Imma gonna have to borrow that sometime.

I agree on not tasering kitty im not into all the shock collar stuff.However I learned from
a good friend/ex neighbor who is a cat lover-(She has 13 of em-rescues).
that a nice Super Soaker when they are
on counters or climbing shit works wonders.Also carrying the water gun like Rambo & the use of the words "BAD KITTY" in a big booming voice seem to have full effect.
I always loved hitting the Bong then going to her apartment next door to watch the amusement also bath time for 13 cats Was time to break out the Chronic.Ahhh man that- was some funny shit.I miss those days!
Ramen noodles Wow have not had those in 4 ever those used to be on my
munchie list as a teenager.That and Jeno's Pizza rolls.Wierd haha

Anyway cant wait to here more MoJo
the "Tool Woman Taylor" episodes.
Actually this is a neat idea if ur not the easily frustrated

Later DuuuuuDe,


Minnie-sota said...

I love bungee cords too!

My kitty likes to lie around on things and leave her black fur. I decided to buy a new lint brush.

Kisses to Bebe Kitty.