Friday, August 29, 2008

I Am Waving At You

Hello world! Your hair looks fabulous today and you smell wonderful. I know you look wonderful because my stat-counter told me so. Truly! Technological advances have made it possible for me to look outside the window of Mojopost and gaze upon the sophisticated workmanship of you hair-do, while appreciating the scent of your body lotions, perfumes and deodorants.

Please do not worry about your appearance for Mojopost if you haven’t had a chance to hone your grooming skills today. My stat-counter only registers the pleasing sights and scents, for my benefit as well as your dignity. I recommend my stat-counter highly – it’s smart and considerate! It cares about me, and it cares about you.

According to my stat-counter, I am grateful to readers in the following locations:

New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States
Caribbean Islands
Central America
South America
The Pacific Islands

Thank you for visiting! I am so serious.

The weather in Chicago is currently 75 degrees, humidity is at 82% and the barometer is holding steady at 29.82. Look for sunny skies through Sunday, with temperatures in the low 80’s. What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Birthday to those celebrating birthdays, especially those who enjoyed my crab bisque and sirloin steak during Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday evening. It was a brilliant night for everyone!

Earth, Wind and Fire - September


Anonymous said...

Hey Mojo!

Now that I know that you get how I smell and how my hair is, even if I'm in Germany, I'll try to be more carafully with my personal hygiene when I come to read your blog.

Big hug,


Minnie-sota said...

Waving at you Mojo from my current location in San Francisco, CA!

Mojopo said...

Hi, folks!

Jon Raymond said...

You're not bad yourself. What time do you get off?