Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bush-Gore Lawyers Want Gay Marriage

Sparks were flying when Ted Olson and David Boies met in Florida, back in 2000. Ted was the lead attorney for George Bush and David was the top legal strategist for Al Gore. In a bid to retrieve their souls from the Devil for their part in that nightmare, Ted and David have activated their Wonder Twin powers to fight for marriage equality in the US.

“We are two lawyers from opposite ends of the political spectrum who have come together to support one of the most important issues of our time," Olson told reporters. "This is not about liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. We're here in part to symbolize that," he added.
Ted freakin’ Olson, the guy who swung it over the fence for Dubya, also said:
"We're going to court because people shouldn't have to surrender their fundamental rights to a popular plebiscite. People should not have to beg to be treated equally or wait for decades for popular approval to be treated equally."
Ted and David are going federal with the gay marriage debate. Forget that silly state-by-state nonsense – these guys are blue skying the big picture all the way to DC. Break out your Constitutional amendments and good books, children, and don’t forget to set the DVR. Just in time for Pride season, too. Love. It.

Bravo, gentlemen!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Smokey said...

Will this be the stuff of a future movie like "Dave & Ted's Excellent Supreme Court Adventure"?

anony tu said...

As a definitely NOT gay man, finally I get to chime in on gayness here at Mojopost. Gosh, I waited a long time!

Okay, so Mojo is happy that these two lawyer types are atoning for lives of lawyer crimes, and I agree it's a good thing. Not really sure what Boies is guilty of but I know Olson has undoubtedly already purchased his handbasket for the trip to hell. Maybe this will help. But is it enough, I wonder. I think not. If Boies and Olson really want to atone, I think they should marry.

As for gay pride, it took me quite some time to come to terms with my male lesbianism. Now that I'm okay with it, I will walk proudly alongside any and all lesbians, male or female. Proud? Hell yes I'm proud! Thankfully, I will never have to come to terms with being a gay man, because I'm not. No, I'm not! Why are you looking at me like that?

THIS Mojopost not only gives us the poop on crusty lawyer types turned gay activist -- which would be a lot all by itself -- but it makes us examine our own roles in the scheme of things, and don't we always like that? Heck, yeah! Clear some space on your kitchen counter, Mojo, for a brand new Cuisin'art! THIS Mojopost gets a ten!!!!

Speedy said...

It does sound like a future billion dollar movie deal Smokey!!! I think, in this country if you're of age you should be able to marry whomever you want. End of statement. There are two parts to all marriages. One is legal and one is religious. The religious right needs to crawl back under a rock and shut the f*ck up!! They have run this country for too long and their time is coming to an end.... Yeah!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is love!

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The mayor of a West Texas city abruptly resigned Wednesday, picking love over his love of office.


Mojopo said...

Great link, LV!

Illinois state rep's are voting on civil unions today. Rep William Davis's receptionist doesn't know how he will vote. Is he skeered? Is he under-informed? His office is getting plenty of calls in support of the bill. Rep. Yarborough is onboard, too.

Mojopo said...

Psst - if anyone wants to chat about Sotomayor in the previos blog, I'd love to join you. I still can't let go of the issue! :-)

PapaPig said...

I just left a comment in Sonya's blog, before I read these. You last post over there hit the nail on the head.

It's bone head crap made up by the Republicans in their continuing hate mongers, fear, end of world, last days, weapons of mass discrimination, and other hate speak.

Speaking of which I love when O'Reilly says Ariana blog is all hate speech. Now everyone is learning their game, they don't know what to do but keep up the hate.

Gosh I should have put this in the other blog. My BAD!!!


I have heard both of those lawyers speak in the last year or so. Both of them just talking are a lot more intelligent balanced men than anyone could have gathered about them from the 2000 Florida Election.

So it's a good thing. Maybe the other Republicans can gather that hating, separation and anger 31 (that is the sum of 24 and 7 or 24/7) won't work anymore.

See it ties in above.

Hate doesn't draw bees to the flower. Why Mojo has so many loyal followers!

Speedy said...

Agree with Papa!! That and Mojo closes blogs with the gayest song in the universe!!! =)

anony tu said...

Just noticed! Look at the poll! This is the first time since I've been coming to Mojopost that everybody has gotten the right answer on the poll! Congratulations, Mojopeeps!

Mojopo said...


Chili! Chili! Chili!

Minnie-sota said...

Si, Hurrah for Chili!