Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor For SCOTUS

Sonia Sotomayor is bringing sexy back to the Supreme Court of The United States. SCOTUS nominee Sonia From The Block has dusted J-Lo in the battle for The Most Important Latina From The Bronx Ever. Viva Boricua!

In her speech with Pres. Obama yesterday Sotomayor thanked her mother, which is the most efficient path between two points (Latin Americans and Southern people). In the US, being a mother-lover goes a long way. It’s true! Even the cable newsies cut out most of Sotomayor’s presser for their sound bites, as if to bring us a modern day pieta via the 1/9 train from Netherland Ave. and 5,000th St.

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Tone deaf Republicans, eyes watering with the scent of bullshit and painted flat white, are working overtime to cast Sotomayor as an angry maid who used Affirmative Action to steal jobs away from conservative judges. Absolutely no one was surprised by their latest effort to shoot themselves in the face on a national stage. I think they’re just jealous because they didn’t find Sotomayor and her mother first. In a parallel universe the Repubs could have had her at hola, because Sotomayor is no liberal. Not now anyway.

It’s hard to tell with these SCOTUS judges. One minute they are Bush-approved conservatives, like David Souter, and the next minute they’re up Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s robe, smoking pot and eating Tofutti. As far as I can tell Sotomayor goes both ways, but that still makes her a lib by default. If her mother doesn’t care, why should you?

Don't forget to vote for your favorite alternative SCOTUS judges, on the right!

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Minnie-sota said...

I had to laugh when Obama mentioned that she saved baseball with her injunction ruling in 1995. Don't the conservations love the American game?

Speedy said...

Yes, but she ruled against (not really) white males!! She must be lynched now if for no other reason... I'm up to here with the right bullshyte. They're painting her as a drooling liberal who has ruled with Roe V Wade. Nothing they're saying is true and she has the most experience of any Supreme Court Justice in 100 years. This is really starting to pissing me off big time!!! :-*

Tipsy said...

"had her at hola"! I'm stealing that line. ;P

anony tu said...

Well, to save time, the righties could just have sent their comments in prior to the nomination. It's not like we don't know what they're gonna say, geez!

MOJO!!! If I were going on a Sotomayer pilgrimage, my first stop would be THIS Mojopost because it's replete with public transit detail. Wonderful! Heck, that fact alone justifies a rating of TEN!!!

As of this date, I have rated exactly 49 posts here at Mojopost. Remarkably, every single post has received a rating of ten. Collectively, that's 490 points! That means Mojo is a mere ten points from winning a new pro model, stainless steel food processor by Cuisin'art! This is not one of those ticky tacky plastic things most of you have on your kitchen counters -- this is STEEL, baby! I use mine to mix the batter for my petit fours which I decorate with the cutest little pink and gold filigree you've ever seen -- they're sooo cute, but I am not gay. Ten more points and you'll have one too, Mojo. Good luck!

a.t. said...

And look at the Chili Society go! Go, baby, go!

Speedy said...

I wanted to keep in the Latin theme. =)

Mojopo said...

Prizes? Did I read that right? This blogging thing is much more fun than collecting Mallow-Cup stamps. The only thing I got out of that were X-ray Specs and a mood ring that was always brownish green!

As satisfied as I am to see the GOP lose political capital with Latin community, I could really do without the racism and sexism. The sound bites they bring and the out-of-context quotes are dragging the debate down to it's knuckles. They're OK with that incompetent boob Clarence Thomas, but they hate the smart Latina?

For the life of me I can't figure out what Republicans think they have to gain by opposing Sotomayor's nomination. Mobilizing Whitey McNutjob? Inspiring the He Man Woman Hatin' Club? Are these the lofty goals to which they aspire? Jesus H. Christ on a bed of plantains, WTF is wrong with Republicans?

Speedy said...

Republifucks....They vetted Clarence Thomas. So instead of verifying that he's a pervert they villified the woman who made the charges. Asshats!! Hmmmm, fried plantains....yummo!!!! =)

atu said...

Them rascally republicants aren't opposed to Sotomayor. It's Obama they oppose. That's why they should spare us all the jaw-jacking and just post a generic opposition letter to any and all Obama nominations for SCOTUS on the RNC website that lasts from now until the cows come home.( PS-- The cows will never come home.)

Mojo, brownish green? That's one of the choices of colors you have for the lid to your food processor. You wanna? Or how about cranberry?

Smokey said...

"They're OK with that incompetent boob Clarence Thomas, but they hate the smart Latina?"
Well of course they do! Because
1. She's female
2. She's smart
3. She's not white
4. She's not certifiably conservative (see #2)
Besides, if BHO says yes, they can't help but say no.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how different the reactions would be if
1. a man was nominated
2. a latino (or not white) man was nominated

maybe I'm wrong (as I don't know much of US politics), but this discusion remainds me the attacks to Hilary when she was in campaigne.

If a white man was the nominated, then the discusion would go about his qualification?

In the second case, would be the race arguments that much in foregroud?

I just don't know ...


anony tu said...

LV, if a white man were nominated he'd be subject to much of the same treatment just different accusations. The opposition to Sotomayor have nothing to do with the nominee. They have to do with the nominator and his party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Now I get it! Sotomayor is being accused of being a WOMAN! =)


Mojopo said...

Anony - I think the criticism against Sotomayor started out being an indictment against liberal/democratic ideology, but the attacks became personal as soon as Sotomayor was accused of racism. This takes the national discussion to an uglier level, because Republican hacks can only thrive in a hostile, ignorant, race-baiting atmosphere.

LV, if Sotomayor was a white man (or a man of color), the attacks would still occur but "he" would be accused of being a liberal activist. I'm offering that speculation based on some of Sotomayor's rulings. I don't think gender is playing against Sotomayor as much, because the Republicans are very careful to curry the female vote in a post-Hockey Mom world. But, they still needed ammo against Sotomayor so their next best choice is to induce race-baiting arguments. Republicans do not realize that what they are doing is the equivalent of pulling a "Ashley Todd". They're carving a backwards "B" on their cheek and hoping everyone will believe their fake story about being attacked by psycho minorities.

PapaPig said...

Spot on Mojo. I even practiced so I could say her name right around my Republican friends.

I believe Limbaugh, Hannity's comments against her gave me the biggest laugh of my life.

Da Pig :@)

Why even rate Mojo posts, the girl is plain brilliant

anony tu said...

About Judge Sotomayor. If any of you haven't read the entire speech from which those nasty republikons are quoting one paragraph out of context, here 'tis:

Papa: "Why even rate Mojo posts, the girl is plain brilliant."

Brilliant, ci, but not plain, Papa. Oooo, she is sooo not plain.

PapaPig said...

You are right, she is fantastic. Our precious Mojo!

Mojopo said...

I can tell you one thing: Keep petting me and I'll stay on the porch. A bowl of water helps, too.

In all fairness, I come back for the company, too. Have you seen the people commenting in other blogs? They're not half as entertaining as you all, and they eat like animals. I lose my appetite.

Thank you for everything to bring here. My friends and family read my blog and have the nicest comments about you. They all appreciate of your POV and sense of humor.

You matter more than you know!