Monday, May 18, 2009

Ruby's 75th

My mother said she didn’t want anyone to make a fuss about her 75th birthday. Dad died two months ago and she isn’t ready to get her party on, as I am sure you can understand. But I am telling everyone I know about her birthday because I want to celebrate her life, especially now. Mom has no computer and she is very skeptical about this Internet thing, but if you post her a message I’m going to make sure it gets printed and hand delivered to her door.

Many of you reading this blog have never met my Mom. Such a shame! She would make you a pie if you asked her to, and everyone should know at least one really good pie maker. Friends, family, people she just met – it doesn’t matter - Mom loves to make pies for anyone who can eat them. Giving things away is one of the most funnest things a person can do. That's why I write almost every day.

You should know that my mother prefers to make quilts more than pies. She finds a design that she likes and asks me to draw it as a pattern on a piece of cardboard scrounged from a shoe box. Then she goes buck-wild with a sewing needle and scissors during Entertainment Tonight. Her quilts are brilliant pieces of work, and not for sale. You need to be loved by her to get a quilt. Mom likes almost everybody, but she loves only a few.

Happy 75th birthday, Ma, from the last of six.

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Anonymous said...

She would make you a pie of you asked her nicelyDear MJ's mom, would you make a pie OF me. Just tell me what you need to do it and i'll make sure you get it


Speedy said...

Here's wishing Ruby a Happy Birthday!! I'd love a piece of pie and if I'm invited I'll even make it! I'd love to meet your extraordinary Mom someday Mojo. =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Ruby!!!! You must be wonderful as you have raised such a wonderful kid in my friend MojoPo!!! I wish you a sunny day full of relaxing moments...


maureen said...

Mrs. Parlier - I'm not sure that you'll remember me but I certainly remember you from the many times I would pick MJ up to go out. You were always very kind to offer a seat and a drink of water while I waited for her to get ready. You always offered us a kind word softly spoken with concern for our safety and well being. In those days we may not have appreciated it as we should have. I'm glad to have this opportunity to now say thank you. I hope that even in this time of grieve you are able to celebrate all the joy you've had in these 75 years. You are truly a remarkable women to have raised your children to be the kind a wonderful people they are. I've tasted a few of those pies over the years and you are a wonder in the kitchen. I've also seen a few of those spectacular quilts that you've so lovingly pieced together with a skill I admire. You are a special women and deserve every bit of celebration on YOUR birthday. Please enjoy it all to the fullest. I know there are those you miss but I believe that they are smiling down on you. Take Care!

Maureen (Moe) Gross-Koziolek

Your friend, Rusty said...

Many Happy returns Ms. Ruby,

I'd be honored to meet you someday and eat a pie you made for me (or even one you made for someone else that I mooched).

My mom won't deal with the InterWebs either, so you're not alone.

anonytu said...

THIS Mojopost gets a ten because it's about Mojo's mom who also gets a ten.

a.t. said...

I like cherry pie.

Just sayin.

Mojopo said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for the well wishes. I read some of these to Mom today, and she LOOOOOVED it. I mean, LOOOOOVED it. Some tears happened, is what I am saying.

You made my Mom happy on her birthday, and I am grateful!

PapaPig said...

Am I late? ohhhhhhh

Happy Birthday Mom even if it's belated.

Your daughters friend, the pig :@)