Friday, June 26, 2009

Live Blogging Live Coverage of Michael Jackson’s Death

If you thought you saw it all when Anna Nicole Smith died, think again!

6:20 PM: B. just called to tell me Michael Jackson died. “He what?” Bad connection. “I said he died!” I asked her if it was suicide but she it was his heart. We both wondered if he would need embalming. Isn’t that awful? Us, I mean. I turned on CNN and they tried to play a clip of MJ singing We Are The World, but it's not MJ - it's Stevie Wonder. Cut to commercial.

6:25 PM: Larry King gave me terrible heebie jeebies. He said that he had to throw away a slide show presentation of Farrah Fawcett because MJ was the bigger scoop. “That’s life in the news business!” Lar, I think you didn’t mean it that way but I don’t know you. Maybe you meant to sound like a creepy old scab? I learn so much about people when there’s a crisis. Now we know why Lar has been divorced 85 times.

7:01 PM: Entertainment Tonight is airing the scraps of Larry’s Farrah presentation. I got through 30 seconds of it because the John Tesh-inspired score inspired the sensation of a hair caught on my epiglottis. My gag reflex is way too sensitive. I have the hardest time brushing my teeth in the morning, too. For tooth brushing, I hang in there. Not for ET. Poor Farrah.

7:26 PM: All of the news stations are airing clips of Michael performing with the Jackson 5 singing I Want You Back. Michael is wearing a turquoise jumpsuit with gold lame trim. It’s hard enough being a kid but 70’s fashions were especially cruel to entertainers. And so were their abusive stage fathers. Hey Joe, why is Michael missing a tooth?

8:01 PM: Larry King wants everyone to know he will broadcast twice this evening, instead of just once. He mentions this 3 times. A panel has been assembled to comment including Jeffery Toobin, a journalist who once interviewed MJ. He looks like he could puke. Someone asks Jeffery about Michael and he basically said that everyone around Michael was a vile, pig-like whoremonger and they should all roast in hell. Then he disappeared. Bravo, sir!

9:30 PM: broke the news about MJ, and the story about them scooping real journalists is on Yahoo!, CNN and ABC. Is this anything we need to high 5?

9:31 PM: Over it. Done. Had enough. I called Mom, who is TV-less since the digital conversion, and she asked me about today's news. “Michael Jackson died, Ma.” “Did he kill himself?” she asked. “I wondered the same thing, but no – it was his heart. Maybe pills. That’s what his lawyer said.” She loves ET and Access Hollywood more than anyone I know. Mom has many questions that I am (sadly) able to answer.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, MJ!

I mean MJ=Mojo.

I can't say, I was Michael's fan. I never was in one concert, but his music was present during my high school and college days.

Also, not Farrah's fan, but I liked to watch charlie's angels...

Now I feel like I'm getting old.


Tipsy said...

Two of my biggest crushes passed away yesterday. MJ forced me into prepubescence and FF into lesbianism. Both are worthy icons.

Minnie-sota said...

I heard about Michael Jackson when listening to the car radio last evening driving home from a picnic. My first thought was, "Farrah, I'm sorry, but the news is going to be going nuts over Jackson tonight." I was right.

I always liked Farrah Fawcett because she seemed to have good spirit. I liked Michael's music and still have the Thriller album in vinyl. He turned into a sad man.

PapaPig said...

I think the biggest effect on me was the way TV threw Farrah under the bus.

I know Jackson was bigger, but not to 100% dominate the stores. I just turned the TV off. I could not stand the way the news was handling it all.

But it wasn't because I liked one better than the other. I just thought dissing Farrah sucked ass.

Mojopo said...

Exactly, Papa. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm disappointed.

If Jackson died as a result of prescription abuse, contrast that against the death of a woman who was fighting for more life. Damn shame.

Speedy said...

I'm with ya on the train wreck on the nightly news. Hmmm, someone who shared her last courageous days with everyone to bring her treament and cancer awareness to light or some strange guy who slept with children (not his own) and thought that was o.k. because he was Peter Pan. Yes he did charity work but does that really erase the weirdness??? I will say this, I do feel sorry for his kids.

Speedy said...

I'm sorry your Mom is still without TV. Damned digital switch over!!!

PapaPig said...

Mojo, would you like me to help your mom with her DTV reception?

Let me know, I would be glad to do everything I can at a distance.

I am a semi-retired broadcast engineer and have been doing antennas for 40 years.

If I know one thing that has not changed with high tech it's antennas.

The best place to find me is on

I am there as Piggie, with the same avatar as here. Another guy there, Don_M is equally if not better than I am.

We solve about 80% of the problems people have if they are rural, and nearly 100% of people still having trouble in urban locations.

Honest I want to help, it's not an imposition.

Anyone feel free to contact me there.

I am making this bold because I think it was overlooked last time I offered.

Piggie :@)

Anonymous said...

When I heard that M.J. was dead, I
went out and bought a 6-pack and celebrated. I'm sure of one thing.
In California, if you're a celeb, and are rich, your can quite literally, "get away with murder."
O.J. did. Wonder how many of the jurors became "instant millionaires
after MJ was acquited?
A friend of mine says, since MJ has
had so much plastic surgery, they should ship his body to Denmark, make Leggos out of it, and then little kids can play with him.

Old Hippy

anony tu said...

I was in Memphis when the news about Jackson broke. Near Beale Street. Standing under a statue of Elvis with my son. We were having a photo taken and heard somebody say Michael Jackson died. Isn't that weird?

Because I've been in Memphis with my son and Elvis, I missed the last great 10-ranking Mojopost about the Gubner of South Carolina, but had I been here I certainly would've commented on it. Is it okay if I comment now? I have a note from Elvis.

Really? It's okay? Well, thanks! All I want to say is that I think walking naked on the Appalachian trail is admirable. I'm all for naked walking. The gubner is a creep for a whole lot more reasons than he dips his wick in strange places and walks naked. Heck, if that's all he did, I wouldn't even mention it. But it's a sad ass affair (pun intended) that with all the REALLY creepy things about this gubner, the only thing that can take him down is to have an extramarital affair. That's weak. And we can't even hang him for it -- what good is that?!

Anonymous said...

MOJO, I was driving down the road , when it came over KISSR radio. that MJ had just died. Tears came to my eyes.
I then returned home and learned that Farrah had pssed.
I was dismayed that the news acclaimed MJ, and seemly brushed Farrah's death aside.

How sad that it has came to the place where a man, which had question's abounding in his life, was revered.
While a woman who fought with dignity and grace, a disease that she had NO control over , was seemly sweep to the side. It made me very sad!

I loved Barbara Walter's interveiw With Ryan O'Neal. A Beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. When Jacklyn Smith fought tears as she told us that Farrah's leageacy was ..."A Legeacy of Love". My heart cheered for this beautiful lady. RIP Farrah.. I for one adored you!