Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mojopoll: Latest Results Now Available

Results from the previous Mojopoll results are in. As it turns out, Dianetics (by L. Ron Hubbard) is a book people have bought to poop on at different points in their lives (almost 78% percent of you). The other book you are most likely to express your anal gland on is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Today we learned that you are not falling for hoodoo or gurus. YAY, we love learning!

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Before we head off to the new Mojopoll, think of your favorite time of day. Set the stage in your mind and hold onto it for a moment. I’m having one of those moments myself right now because I’m sitting outside on the balcony. The people walking by on the street below sound interesting, plus I am wearing my favorite underwear. It is past midnight and there is only a small breeze. I can see planes flying to and from O’Hare and Midway, but I can’t hear them. The fat guy with a tiny dog is coming back from the gas station with his nachos, right on time. I can think when it’s like this, and I don’t mind if I do. Yes, I would love another! Thanks for asking.

Folks, I’d love to know the answer to this question: When is your favorite time of day? The poll is on your right. Feel inclined to offer the why’s and because’s in the comment section below. Be as honest as you please. The traffic here is light on Tuesdays.

Have a happy day!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite time? I would say, when I see a new Mojopost.

Other then that, depends on the day, if its weekday or weekend.


Mojopo said...

Aw shucks, and thank you. I'm happy to figure in somehow

OK, LV - what makes weekdays different from weekends?

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's a philosophical question!

Let's see. To start with, I don't have to work. So, I have more time for breakfast (if there's not something to do) and when I go to buy my groceries I have more time to chat with the ppl at the stores.


Mojopo said...

There we have it - your favorite time has to do with having more time. More time = happy LV. I hear you!

Minnie-sota said...

I love quiet time in the morning. I turned into a morning person in the past 20 years or so. It's my time to sit alone and sip my coffee.

I also like around mid-afternoon, say 2 p.m. Dunno why. I just seem to feel good around that time.

anony tu said...

I'm a "when the kids are asleep' sort of guy. That is, my favorite time is between 10:00 pm and whatever time (usually 2 - 3 am) when I finally nod. I myself sleep like a cat -- an hour here an hour there throughout the day. (Poe said: "Sleep?! Oh, I hate those little pieces of death!") I'm a painter, and that's the time when I paint mostly. And I'm a miscreant, and this is the time I ...
AND it's the time when a new Mojopost will appear! Yes, I too set my clock on Mojo Time. It's a religion!

Speedy said...

I'm with Lucy. Depends on the day and what's happened. Because some days can't end soon enough, and some days I never want to end! =)

Anonymous said...

today in the morning, a sexy girl told me I look good and I received an email of a friend. Guess what's been my favorite time today? ;-)


a.t. said...

O---M---G!!! Mojo!!!!!!!

Why am I never around to see cool stuff like this happen?


Anonymous said...

really, a.t.? I heard someone saw you close to that road with a turkey before it happened ;-)