Thursday, June 11, 2009

Party At Planet Nutrition

Hello, world! I am transmitting this message from a tropical beach on Planet Nutrition. Everyone reading Mojopost is invited! The escape hatch is at your fingertips.

If Debbie Downer squashed your Moon Pie on the bus ride over, don’t worry! Moon Pies grow on the tops of ponds on Planet Nutrition – like lily pads - and they are LOADED with fortifying vitamins, minerals and important fibers. YAY, WE LOVE FIBERS!

Here is the secret password. Don’t forget it. What you have to do is put your sloppy mouth in the crook of your elbow and blow as hard as you can. BRRFFFPPP! Ta-daah and welcome to Planet Nutrition! Holla back, earflinks!

Do you like to be tickled? You can get tickled pink, tickled silly and plum tickled in the Tickle Lounge. No appointment necessary.

Mr. Wobblyhands is working his magic in the Nutrition state of Refreshment. Everything you like is served there. All of it. Each. Don’t forget to toast your neighbors to receive a complimentary deli platter.

If you do any sightseeing at Nutrition, by all means DO visit the Rubber Canyon in North Funtime (right off I90). There’s Thorazine Mountain, Warm Blanket Falls and the Universe’s Biggest Swedish Fish. Ride the Jell-O-coaster as soon as possible. Smushing through the wall of flan at the end is my favorite part!

What are you waiting for?

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Doodlin' Song - DooDooDoo


anony tu said...

Snappy music only makes it better, yes? So glad we're finished with Ms Rod Blagggowagggo! God! I was soooo afraid you'd leave us to read about her over and over for the next three days. That's not healthy!

In THIS Mojopost, we can lose the Patti Blago blues and leave all our cares behind. Now THAT'S healthy!
Can Scrotch come too?

Imma get me soma that flan. I luffs some flan! It comes from Cuba, you know.

Doo, doo, dee, doodee-doot, ten, ten, TEN!

anony tu said...

Ooo! In that photo of you, Mojo! With the man boobs. Is that a mound of brown sugar next to you? Are there beans and bacon on the island too? I can make us some baked beans just like Boston! Then, we can play the Doodle Song with our butts!

Mojopo said...

Wheee, I love baked bean songs! Gene, Gene, made a machine... Like that? YES!

Speedy said...

I love when people make up words to a song. This weekend my g/f was trying to remember the words to Oye Como Va.... It was hilarous!!!

Tipsy said...

I can see your moobies!

Minnie-sota said...

Remember when that did the doodlin' song on the Dick Van Dyke show? Yes, I date myself!

Doodlin' off now...

anony tu said...

There is no Blaggo on Planet Nutrition, and we can eat all the foods our moms told us were bad for us, yes? Do they have sprinkles for ice cream? Can we eat naked without napkins?

anonytu said...

I'm so down right now I could crawl under the porch with the dog. (If we had a porch.) Please make Planet Fun Food and Naked Dining be real! I need fun and funny. Not kiddin'.

Mojopo said...

Wot up, anony? Here, you can have whatever is in my cupboards, and I'll make you a tini. Can I mail you Vienna Sausages?