Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So-Called Pro-Life

I was distracted by Dr. George Tiller’s eyeglasses when I saw his video clips on the news, after an anti-abortion zealot in Wichita gunned him down. Coke-bottle glasses, I think they’re called. As thick as the glass in any major aquarium.

It occurred to me that a man with poor vision would learn to use his other senses, as a way to compensate for his failing eyesight. Aural perception would self-correct to enhance sound, and the capacity to listen would become a vital necessity. Our ability to hear is the last sense to go, and is perhaps one of our strongest physiological allies. I have no doubt that Dr. Tiller learned how to distinguish noise from information in his daily life.

Dr. Tiller provided abortions - late-term abortions - to women who needed them. I have never needed one, and I don’t know why Dr. Tiller’s patients needed late-term abortions because it is none of my business. What I know is that Dr. Tiller performed a lawful procedure that often saves lives. For this a madman who, ironically enough, claimed to be “pro-life” shot him to death.

The pro-life movement in the US has a history of providing safe haven to violent extremists for years. While these personality types are not a rule within the pro-life movement, they are no exception. When the pro-life movement condemns the acts of brutal activists within their group, they do so with fingers crossed behind their backs. They forget that God is watching them, too.

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Anonymous said...

Very well said, Mojo! What kind of argument is that, "to save lives you have to kill"


ps I'll come back to you soon

anony tu said...

THIS Mojopost needs no analysis from me. LV's post gets a ten for nailing it -- very well said, Mojo.

Speedy said...

Excellent post Ms. Mojo! This is the thing I can't understand either. If you're pro-life why are you killing innocent people who perform a legal operation? It would be analgous to killing a dentist for extracting a tooth. What if Sotomayer is a pro-lifer where will that leave SOCOTUS?

Speedy said...

p.s. Tiller kind of looks like a creepy Stephen King doesn't he???

High Cost of Living said...

It was so odd, I had just posted this article a few days before:

Mojopo said...

High Cost - excellent article, thanks for posting the link. Regarding Justice League Under God, there IS reason to believe that their destructive habits will escalate, as you rightfully pointed out.

Anonymous said...

Surprising that no body has not mentioned the knuckle drager in chief, Rush Limpbaugh and his various rants against her right to
choose. Some of these nut cases only require a nudge. Isn't one of the 10 Commandments, "Thou shall not kill?"

Old Hippy