Friday, September 04, 2009

Mojopost Keyword Searches

Sometimes you scare me. Here is a list of recent keyword searches on Mojopost.

1. Mojopo Dies
2. Caligula
3. Naked Teen Rally
4. Michael Jackson latest
5. Naked surprises

Would anyone care to explain? Anyone. If you can explain #1, please remember to include your address and phone number.


Speedy said...

I can understand everything except the last one. #5. Naked surprises. I think you've been holding out on us Mojo!!!

Mojopo said...

I can't figure it, but oh well!

The "dies" one creeped me out.

anony tu said...

I like naked surprises.

What is this Mojo?! You don't post for umpteen weeks and all of a sudden you're shooting them out like bullets! Christ I'm glad I retired as the Mojopost rater before this onslaught!

Mojopo said...



Anonymous said...

I'd say, for #1:
without blogging Mojopo Dies


Anonymous said...

Sup Brah?

Howz it Hangin'?

Been awhile...

Miss ya ,