Friday, September 04, 2009

School Children Reminded To Avoid Pedophiles and Barack Obama

Some parents are upset at Pres. Obama because he’s going to deliver a message about personal responsibility to school children. I hear them! If there is one thing I can’t stand, its personal responsibility. Further, I feel that children are going to be bored senseless. We don nead no edjacashun - we don nead no thout cuntrole. Leaf owr kidz ALNOE!

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Personal responsibility is bad for morale. Absolutely no one wants to wake up and have to do things. Someone else, I don’t know who yet, usually handles stuff. Make that person watch Obama!

Education is overrated. Take math, for example. The government is wasting millions (billions?) of taxpayer dollars to have some crackpot teach math to poor little kids. This is outrageous! Do we really need to keep these so-called educators on our payroll, when a calculator is much more cost effective? Wake up, America!

I’ve had it up to HERE with Obama’s socialist agenda. Help the sick, help the poor… Jesus Christ! He’s helping himself to my money, is what he’s doing.

Politics are not appropriate for the classroom. If it was, voting would be mandatory. Mandatory voting? Great. I suppose we’ll get fined for not showing up, huh? I’ll sue.

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Your friend, Rusty said...

These people are beyond f'tarded. I have never seen so much irrational hate directed against a politician. This is worse than the anti-Clinton fervor.

Did you see the disgrace of the teabaggers heckling the woman in a wheel chair? That is the commercial I'd be running. With a voice over something like this:

Yo, asswipes and imbeciles: this is how the insurance companies are using your money. You wanna talk about death panels?

Mojopo said...

I bet she'll think twice next time about going and getting herself paralyzed. You can't run forever, Obamaniacs!

No wait --

anony tu said...

Oh my god, you are sooo right, Mojo!

My concern is for the schoolchildren in America's ghettos. Obama is simply setting them up for more disappointment, giving the poor things the impression that if they do well in school there's a chance in hell they might rise out of poverty and desperation. The nerve!

As if Obama has anything to say about that! Who does he think he is, a welfare kid who became president?!

a.t. said...



By Sunday morning, Fox will have assembled a crack team of code breakers. They'll tell us all about the Muslim fundamentalist messages encrypted in whatever it is Obama said to the kids of America. He was raised a Muslim, ya know.

In Kenya!