Wednesday, May 14, 2008

String Theory

Hello. My name is Mojopo and I am math-phobic. I see numbers and equations and break out in a cold sweat. My brain switches to Damaged Mode if I have to perform simple arithmetic in my head. I frequently and inadvertently jumble up numbers people say out loud (like phone numbers or dollar amounts) because as soon as someone says a number my brain is scared that it might have to do math. Math class is where I skated the edges of imminent doom and scholastic mayhem. In spite of this deficit of mine, I am positively intrigued by String Theory.

String Theory, as you may know, is a Theory Of Everything (T.O.E.). It kills me to know that one sort of theory can explain all known forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear). String Theory seems to indicate that there are ten or eleven more dimensions we are not aware of. Can you imagine? It's not easy.

I love the quest. There is no "wow" big enough to express the awesomeness of a search dedicated to explaining the vibrations of daydreams and Kansas tornadoes, in an effort to find a common thread between the two. In String Theory, everything is somehow tethered to everything else. Most important to me, String Theory is impossible to write on a blackboard and therefore, romance and vision are not compromised by jarring fractions and rude physics. I love the dimension we're in. Here is where we still have room for magic.

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