Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, Sarah Hussein Palin

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Guess who Barack Obama is going to be for Halloween? Sarah Hussein Palin, that’s who! Happy Halloween, folks. I am waiting for a scary story today. Sarah Palin was supposed to release her medical records earlier this week, but she still hasn’t forked ‘em over yet. My clock says it is 1:00 AM in Chicago on Friday. If anything leaks overnight, please accept my apologies.

I wonder if she poops her pants every time she sneezes? That’s not a huge problem, if you think about it. She could have a colostomy bag or diapers and everything could be contained. I could live with that.

Maybe she’s colorblind? She could mistake the ginormous red 3:00 AM phone for an environmentally friendly green phone, which she would never answer. Not good.

What if she has a learning disability? It would explain why she sounds so bug-fucking wrong every time she goes off the scripted path. That, my friends, is a problem.

On the other hand… What if Andrew Sullivan has a point? What if Sarah Palin has been pregnant four times, instead of five?




Michael Wong said...

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Mojopo said...

Thank you, Mr. Wong.

Chus said...

More Happy Halloween Pictures! :)

Minnie-sota said...

That photo is definitely scaring me, Mojo! Shivers.

Happy Halloween to you and tomorrow is Dia de Los Muertos. XO

J said...

Hey, I traded links with Mr. Wong too. If your interested I'd like to trade links with your blog as well. Leave a comment anywhere at if you are interested, and I'll link back asap.
Your Sarah Hussein Palin picture is hilarious and disturbing. Happy Halloween. J

Pugs said...

I wanna trade something with you! Oooh, I know! Let's trade Halloween candy. I'll trade all my Mary Jane's for your Snickers, k?

Miss you bunches & bunches,

Anonymous said...

Wow that was Spookay!!!
John McCain really freaks me as much as her though.I am really keeping my fingers crossed til this election is over.

I love Mommy Dearest though...

"I am not mad at you I am mad at the dirt"

hahaha she Rox

I Vote we run her up against Palin