Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama, Socialism and You

With all of this talk about Barack Obama being a “socialist”, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Land sakes Sally, that reminds me of a few other socialists I know.

Here are my Top 5 Socialists In The History Of Ever:


A chronic redistributor of wealth. Delivers toys to all children, even kids who have parents that don’t read the Bible or work.


Union, schunion! It’s like they think they deserve a livable wage and bathroom breaks. Get back to work, Pinko!


What a hippy. The beard is the first clue. He was all like, “Rich people are going to have a hard-assed time getting to Heaven!,” and “Go in peace.” Did Jesus grow up in a commune or what? All that encouragement about low taxes, universal health care and spreading the wealth is suspect. Plus, he hung out with some sketchy people – some of them were homeless and had open sores.


What a bunch of socialist-loving, poutine eating slobs. Everyone in Canada is forced to enjoy donuts, drink beer, and play hockey. What if they don’t feel like it? Too bad! For the last time, NO – you may not wage war and be a capitalist, and stop asking. Shut up and eat your cruller, eh!


Check out their theme song lyrics:

“I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company
That's the real thing.”

In a Coca-Cola World, everyone is forced to sing the same song over and over. They would all live in the same bio-dome, eat the same food and absolutely no one gets ahead because they are forced to be equal. It’s sickening. You should write to them.

Socialism? Whatev!

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Anonymous said...

Let's see....Coca Cola, Santa, and Canada all have red and white in them. Jesus and Norma Rae have both had movies made about them. I say we rise up against everything red and white and anyone that has had a movie made of their life! Fucking socialists!
Dubya has a movie out now. I shall go ponder on this.

Mojopo said...

I was thinking about the red logos and flags, too! Are these people mad?

Fucking socialists!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to do this mental image: Obama with Santa costume and beard, drinking coke, waving Canadian flags in a movie of his life... =)


Your friend, Rusty said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's all a right wing consiracy... all of it!!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I just pissed in my pants a little bit.

-Torrance (who can't f*&$king log in from this computer.)

PapaPig said...

Santa Claus should be put in Gitmo for acting the way he does.....

Minnie-sota said...

Santa Claus is my favorite socialist.

Anonymous said...



PTET said...

Isn't there some sort of rightism meme about how real Americans "may prefer coke or pepsi, but they must love cola"!?

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it I once saw a commercial of Santa peddeling Coca Cola. :>}


widepart said...

It's just a terrible system. Take my Canuck experience for example; in the last year alone I've had six months of chemo two months of radiation can't even count the number of tests.......MRIs and Cscans blood work and xrays. Now I now you won't believe this, I had to leave the hospitals after going through all this without paying a cent except for the rent on my phone and TV. ($62.00cdn)
Same thing happened after bi-pass surgery 5 years ago.
Socialism can't work for the average Joe the plumber or the average working man and I am an example, someone should have billed me several hundred thousand dollars for this service and I could have had the fun of filing for bankruptcy like my American friends and starting life all over again at 65.

Mojopo said...

Widepart, my well wishes to your continued recovery in spite of living in such a disgustingly unselfish, socialist part of the world. As you rightfully point out, the US would have joyfully bankrupted you.

Hats off to you, ya canucker. The next time I'm in Niagara visiting family, I will look across Lake Ontario and wave.

Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, why do they always say the Canadian Health Care system can't work here?

Mojopo said...

Minnie, because they think Canadians are stupider than we are. The whole argument is build on the cynical belief that stupid people will believe anything. They do, most of the time, but even stupid people understand co-pays and the cash deducted from their pay stub every month, to pay for their HMO or PPO.

If the US implemented a universal health-care system here it would likely be more efficient than Canada's program. Medicare and Medicaid, two very American-Socialist programs, are rigidly administered with very, very few glitches. It costs less to run those programs than it does for any health insurance company. Fact.

Also, thank you to everyone reading this blog. I've never had so many hits on my site ever, and I'm glad you found something to read.

widepart said...

re MINNIE-SOTA'S question.

The system would work but the profit garnered by the businesses now running the health care insurance scams would disappear so along with the profits for the drug companies and the medical professionals they will fight it tooth and nail.
Our system isn't perfect and is being improved all the time as is the French and English system. You guys would be the last to adopt universal health care of all the industrialized nations so it would be an advantage in your favour to design a system around one of the existing systems but without the errors or problems we've encountered. First you have to get EVERYONE onside with the decision to go ahead with the plan. GOOD LUCK

Mojopo said...

Widepart is right on the money, so to speak. The US has the infrastructure to do the job, but we have corporations in the way of progress. That's one of the biggest hurdles.

Obama Mama! said...

If you think universal healthcare is socialist then maybe we should also repeal Social Security and Medicare...I mean really, who in this country looks forward to receiving a social security check, right?

Mojopo said...

Right on, Obama Mama! We're on the same side of common sense. Thanks!