Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin Jumped The Shark, McCain Supports Obama

A legislative panel in Alaska has determined that Sarah Palin unlawfully abused her power by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired from his job as a state trooper. Earlier in the day Palin’s boss, Sen. John McCain, was booed at his own rally in Minnesota when he tried to tell an angry mob of rednecks that Barack Obama is not a terrorist and is probably a decent guy. Oh my.

First Point
Palin was investigated by her own people in Alaska; a quasi non-partisan group comprised of 4 Democrats and 10 Republicans. On paper Palin might owe a $5,000 fine for her unethical behavior and/or endure a mild wrist-slap. In reality Palin couldn’t be more of a drag. With elections only a few short weeks away, this news is devastating for Republicans – specifically to John McCain. To find out that the vice-presidential nominee is acting like a backwoods vigilante and relying on her creepy husband to act as her co-governor is...well – it’s a train wreck. This had to hurt the Republicans on the panel to even admit, but Sarah has jumped the shark, screwed the pooch and crapped the bed in record time. If they gave medals for political self-sabotage, Palin would win. Easy.

Second Point
McCain made a decision several months ago to employ racial tension and fear in an attempt to discredit Obama. In doing so, he has empowered the worst of us. The fringes of McCain’s support network have crawled out from under their rocks to be broadcast on YouTube, none of them afraid to keep their racist opinions to themselves. It’s chilling. McCain, unable to turn away from the ugliness he himself ignited, chose to admit that Obama is a decent man. When a presidential candidate has to quiet his mob and defend his challenger because of the potential for violence, it’s time for that candidate to hang it up. McCain is down in the polls, hard. His legacy is on the line. I’m not sure if his moment of clarity is based on integrity or a realization by McCain that he might be remembered as very despicable human being. You decide.

Final Point

Newsweek magazine published an article about Sarah Palin this week that infuriated her supporters. The photograph on the cover of the magazine is not airbrushed or enhanced. Palin’s caked-on make-up, crows feet, pores, blemishes and stray facial hair are on display for all to see. I thought to myself, “What an interesting take on the governor – completely unfiltered and honest. She actually looks like a real human being.” Apparently, her supporters do not feel the same way. They think it was a slam, or a way to mock Palin. “Everyone else gets airbrushed on magazine covers! This isn’t fair!” they said. Funny how when confronted with the real Sarah Palin, her fans are disappointed and feel slighted. I’d like to send my support to those people, and echo their sentiments and tell them I understand their pain because I’ve been very appalled by the real Sarah Palin for weeks.

I’m glad John McCain is ashamed of his campaign, at long last. But I can practically guarantee you that Sarah Palin probably never flinched.

This is no time to gloat. Please do something constructive, if you can.

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jennmcq said...

Umm... people scare me.

Seriously? Do people honestly believe that Barack Obama is an Arab?

Oh and that if that wasn't enough, check THIS out:

jennmcq said...

Wait. I posted the wrong video. Here's the last link again:

Obama is an Arab

AND, while I was looking for the video again, I came across this little gem:


Minnie-sota said...

That rally in Minnesota in which people booed was just south of where I live. Sigh. McCain's nice comments about Obama were a little too late.