Monday, October 13, 2008

Rachel Maddow - McCain's "Respectful" Campaign And Grand Old Panic

Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) had a terrific program Monday night. Keith Olbermann wishes he was so cool.

First up: McCain's "Respectful" Campaign?

Next, a delightful exchange between Rachel and David Frum, Gee Dubya's former speechwriter. Hang on, - it gets bumpy when Frum decides to be a condescending prick. Oh no he di-int. Yes he did. Go Rachel!

Updates and comments later.

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Minnie-sota said...

This guy tried to school Rachel Maddow? Oh, I loved it when she told him to hang on a minute.

Mojopo said...

Minnie, me too! Rachel totally kept on-point, and she never, ever turns shrill. I love how civilized the whole thing is, especially tonight. She's one of my favorite people, and she is smarter than I'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love press freedom?


Anonymous said...

The second clip is excellent. Ms. Maddow takes that ridiculous joke in the monitor and spanks him soundly without hardly raising an eyebrow.

She brings up some really excellent points and just watch his face as he cringes. reslugs respond to truth and facts like the wicked witch responded to water.
Go Rachel!

Your friend, Rusty said...

Frum thought she was going to let him get away with equating her show with the nutjobs in the McPain rallies who shout out "terrorist" & "kill him"? Really?

She nailed him on using the right-wing's favorite tactic of false equivalences. (I think this will be the McPain whine for the rest of the week - "but the left is doing it, too.")

Minnie-sota said...

I actually thought he had a bit of a good point, but he wouldn't recognize that she had a good point too.

Mojopo said...

Frum did have a point in there, somewhere, but it was lost when he chose to minimize Rachel (her "small plate" of responsibility and labeling her a "failure"). It would help if Frum directed his criticism towards his peers on Fox News. They are the least serious, barely factual ones - who set an angry, unintelligent tone for their audience. I would argue that the Bush administration (and the MSM) have spent 8 years making the world safe for the kind of radicals we see at McCain rallies. McCain and Palin have had ample opportunity to have those crazy racist people removed from their rallies, and to address ignorance. Instead they pander and therefore, McCain/Palin represent them. McCain's 11th hour backtracking (once) isn't enough.

All I know is that I want to run into Frum and be as un-serious as I possibly can be. I wish there was a news show that threw pies, and get him booked on it. Serves him right, that condescending prick.

Minnie-sota said...

Yeah, Mojo, I just called him "Mr. Grumpyface" on TOP.

Your friend, Rusty said...

Frum is a hypocrite. He actually contributed to the negative tenor he was whining about when he talked about his fear of Democrats taking over the White House and picking up additional House and Senate seats.

Fear? Democrats don't take national security seriously? He's a typical right-wing tool who tried to play gotcha with a woman who is smarter and cooler than he will ever be.

Jafafa Hots said...

This wasn't even hypocrisy. This was flat-out dishonesty.

Frum is not upset about what the McCain campaign is doing, he's merely upset that it backfired.

He sees that the deliberate tactic of spreading hate hasn't found the desired target, so he's trying to redirect it. He's trying to say "Yes, the hate speech is terrible and you Democrats have to stop it."

He doesn't dislike hateful rhetoric, his "act" WAS hateful.

He simply has the conceit that McCain isn't skilled enough and that he, Frum, is the more skilled and machiavellian hatemonger.

Bur he isn't.

Mojopo said...

Leave it to Republicans to pull out their Nonsensical Equations Handbook and make more false equivalences this week and next. They moved the tone of this election season into the gutter, because they've successfully spent the last 8 years herding Liberals into ideological ghettos.

The Republican base has grown accustomed to saying (or hearing) whatever kind of hateful nonsense pops into their head. The base, like their leaders, are not prepared to be held accountable for the messes they've made. November could very well deliver the smack upside the head they need.

Mojopo said...

Last point - Frum is one of those people who spent years empowering the right, marginalized Liberals, belittled Democrats and demonized anyone who disagreed with the Bush administration. And then he has the unmitigated gall to be upset when we have a sense of humor about it?

Oh really?

Anonymous said...

This attitude by Republicans is perplexing to me. The thought that whatever is said by anyone left of center is blasphemy. And this interview with Rachel Maddow and David Frum shows that well. He is spouting the usual right wing crap and she called him on it. I find the humor in this campain refreshing.... I can't wiat for this election to be over!!