Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chronic Underestimation v. Anticipation

I’m in a real pickle about this upcoming presidential election. If I say that Barack Obama is going to blow the barn doors off the thing, I will immediately be accused of jinxing Obama and screwing up everything. The people I know and the pundits on TV are all aware that Obama is ahead in the polls, but no one wants to jump the gun and just say it.

Heck, I’m a bit scared myself. The 24-hour news cycles have me prepared for a political catastrophe of indescribable origin, by staging scenarios in which John McCain could suddenly pull ahead. No one knows what fate has planned (accept for most pollsters), but there is a vague possibility of frozen Hell and bird-pigs soaring over our heads - or so I am told. It seems unreasonable to me, but I get the impression from cable news people that I shouldn’t count Grampy out. Why not?

What if Obama wins? I know it’s crazy to expect a guy so far ahead in national polls to actually win the contest, but what if Obama can do it? Someone has to plan for victory here, just in case.

The only thing holding me back from being overly optimistic is one man: George W. Bush. Twice we gave him the keys to our country, our just washed and waxed country with a full tank of gas. The first time out he drove us into a ditch. The second time he drove the ditch off a cliff. You would think we Americans might have been wiser the second time, and obviously there is something wrong with us. People in this country are capable of screwing up and I thank Blind Justice Lady everyday because George W., by law, can’t have a third term. That is to say, unless McCain wins. Then the US would go to places only Dante has been. And believe me when I say Dante knows of Hell.

On the other hand, for the first time ever in the US, early voters are making a clear case for Obama. They seem to be coming out from all corners to stand in line – sometimes for several hours. Most of them are Democrats. None of them are afraid to dream. Even for a small while – as long as it takes to refocus their eyes.

I am telling you right now, my house is going to be noisy Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

None of them are afraid to dream.

Thanks God there are still dreamers out there, even in the US.


james_boston said...

I am neither superstitious nor am I religious, but nevertheless, like you, I am also terrified of celebrating openly because I might jinx him. But despite whatever "Bradley Effect" takes place on Tuesday, I'm beginning to believe he'll still pull it out. The only thing I'm really worried about now is that it might be a close win for him, something on the order of Bush's pathetic 50%-49% win in 2004 or his even more pathetic "win" of 48%-50% in 2000. I want Obama to take it in a popular vote landslide like most of the major polls are saying he's poised to do now (Hello today's NY Times, Gallup & CBS polls...all with leads of 13 to 15%.)

If he can win the popular vote on the order of what my hero FDR did in 1932 or, even better, in 1936, it's bye bye Gay Ol' Party! Plus, a huge popular vote equals a huge mandate to govern. I believe it was a Democratic operative who said that when your opponent is drowning, you don't throw him a life-jacket. You throw him an anvil and drown him. I want Obama to be the anvil that does the fucking Republican Party in for six decades, like the ultimate Democratic President, FDR, did. Go Barack Delano Obama!

Who knew back during the summer that McCain & his side-kick, Apoc-a-lipstick, would bring down their party from the inside. God bless Alaska! And burn baby burn!!!