Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wasted Time Equals A Poll Tax (Rachel Maddow Clip)

Will conventional voting locations have more voting machines available on Election Day than early-voting locations?

When I voted early a few weeks ago (county clerk's office), there were only 10 touch-screen machines available and I experienced a two-hour delay. Will "conventional" voting locations (high schools, fire halls) have more machines available, on November 4th, to handle the crowds?

Please don't get me wrong. I am very moved to see millions of Americans lining up to vote - it's a brilliant time to be here in the US. But still - long lines effect Democrats and Republicans alike, and it is not unreasonable to expect a more efficient means of voting for all citizens. Wasted time is just as much of a poll tax as an outright fee.

Rachel Maddow Explains

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that you have to go to vote during a work day and wait several hours in the line. I heard in the German press, it's expected to have about 60% participation in this election. The last one only had 40%. That's already a C H A N G E ;-)


Mojopo said...

Hi, LV --

In 2004, the US had 60.4% of eligible voters turn out. This year, we are expecting more. No one can say yet what the percentages will be, but it's more than likely to be a record-breaking year for US voters.

At last. We have our asses off the couch and we care, in droves.

However, we are still experiencing major problems. Minority voters are still being discouraged from voting, and Republican-favored registration rules have "accidentally on purpose" purged eligible voters from their rolls. And when I say Republican-favored, I mean that they have done their best to use the law to make it very difficult for typical Democrats to vote. It's no secret. Add to this the long lines, which discourage working people from waiting. We have a terrible problem.

If we are lucky enough to have a President Obama, these prohibitive rules and regulations will be changed.

Mojopo said...

P.S.: No matter what, US citizens are standing in line - sometimes for up to 8 hours.

We are trying hard to make a change. It is not easy, and it is worth it.

Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, it seems crazy that people have to wait that long to vote. But they're doing it. Standing for change. I do worry about the senior citizens as I have trouble standing for a couple of hours.

The longest I have spent waiting in line to vote was in 2000, probably an hour wait. The line was going out of the door of the elementary school. We were all excited to vote. It was also fun to see neighbor in line. Of course, waking up the next day was a nightmare.

Your friend, Rusty said...



Your friend, Rusty said...

My suggestion

1. Universal registration as soon as you turn 18 (need to prove citizenship; no disenfranchisement for felons even if still on parole)

2. Thumb print; proof of citizenship; proof of residence

2. national standards for electronic voting machines

3. Issued ATM card type ballots

4 Voting machines all over the place

4 Vote anytime 2 weeks before the election.

5. Vote anywhere since the ballot is electronic

6. The machines recognize the ballot ID AND the thumbprint

Republicans will hate this. Most of the time you have high turnout Democrats do very well.