Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day In The US - GOBAMA '08!

Election Day is here! ELECTION DAY! George Bush can’t win! The Republicans are not going to rip us off again, not this time. Have you seen the lines? We’re in all the way for Barack Obama! YAY YAY YAY!

Guess what? I live in Chicago, IL and my senator is running for president today. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Baby, is name is Barack Obama. Oh please, if you have not yet voted for him I must ask you to cast a ballot immediately. I am serious – get in line now. I will bring you food and water, and even hold your spot during bathrooms breaks. I’ll drive you wherever you need to go and vote. If you ask me to stop at the grocery store on the way home, I will say, “Sure! Would you like me to push the cart?” I am here for you.

After today, people from across the world might stop talking to us like we are retarded. A girl can dream…

Wish us luck and GO VOTE AMERICA!!!

Gobama like you mean it ’08!


1:55 AM - Dixville Notch, New Hampshire delivered a landslide for Obama.
Final tally:
Obama 15, McCain 6, Ron Paul 2. I LOVE YOU. Dixville Notch voted for Republican George Bush twice in previous presidential elections.

8:50 AM CST - Obama Casts Vote With Wife And Daughters

6:05 PM CST - Obama takes Vermont with 3 votes, McCain takes Kentucky with 8. Still waiting on Indiana. For the first time in a gazillion years, Indiana has been unable to be the first state to report. People are still in line!

7:21 PM CST -Obama is up 77, to Mccain's 34. Let's get to 270! Come on PA, come on FL!

9:41 PM CST - 207 to 135...

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Anonymous said...

Rusty, Mojo,

what about sending your vote by post. In Germany you have to register and 1-2 weeks before the election day you recieve it by post. You have time to consider your options (the system is a bit more complicated than option 1 or option 2 ), you don't have to wait in line and it makes it easy for persons who can not go to the polls.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Almost forgot, I WISH YOU LUCK!!! and you can.


Mojopo said...

LV, doesn't Canada have a similar system? It's been a great success.

Minnie-sota said...

I must go visit Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

skeeter said...

There will be 6 repubes yelling voter fraud.

Mojopo said...


Your friend, Rusty said...

Lucy, vote by mail varies by state. In some states you have to explain why you can't vote on election day. In others, you don't need a reason to request an absentee ballot. That's how it is in California, but I like going in person. I did vote early last Friday because I'm serving as a poll watcher today.

Festeria said...

Damn, but voting felt good today. Next stop? Whiskey. Then?
Donuts And Bacon, Baby.

Anonymous said...

I always vote absentee ballot. I know it's anti-climatic but way more convenient for me. I live in a very red state.... I can't wait for Obama to be Prez!!! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mojo,

Girl I am counting down these hours until results are in.Me & mom did the early voting to avoid lines....but I tell ya I just cannot wait until it's official.
I am so scared of votes being tampered with- which I believe is the only way Mccain could win.
So I am waiting for the final announcement hoping to hear Obama-so I can breathe a sigh of relief and Pop a Top & toast-To Change for the better and mending all that Bush has broken....Fingers crossed my friend :)

I hope to be back in here later Screamin Victory all over ur Blog &
Passin the Peace Pipe ;)