Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel v. Hamas: Who's Left Standing?

Israel versus Hamas. Welcome to the latest round of Who’s Left Standing! There are so many addendums to this raging dispute that I would run out of Blogspot space before I labeled a fraction of busted villages.

I was talking to my idiot brother-in-law over the weekend. “You know what we need to do over there? Stand back and let them drop a nuke. When the whole region turns to glass, call me.” Well gee, human casualties aside and a nuclear winter, I’m thinking that’s a really bad idea. Call me crazy.

I don’t get it. No, I understand why they fight, but I don’t get the whole bloodshed and suicide vest thing. Why live that way? I can’t think of a thing in the world that would be worth living in rubble 24/7, 365 days a year. Can you?

If it were up to me, I’d offer up a sliver of diplomacy. “Let’s have a shower, sleep on a patch of our own beds tonight, and work out some shit in the morning.” But NO! Nope, we have to stand by and pay attention to Christiane Amanpour. I love her dearly, but I keep hoping she wouldn’t have anything to report.

Innocent people who don’t care a bit for grudge matches, religion or politics will spend New Year’s Eve in mourning. I don’t want to spend Monday thinking about this, either. And we must. Why? Because we have a shred of empathy left.

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anony tu said...

My mother taught me that the most dangerous types of people are those who fear they have everything to lose and those who fear they have nothing left to lose. Between them, fear is the common denominator.

My mother taught me that. My father taught me to drink Scotch.

anony tu said...

It occurs to me there may be a third group -- those who don't know to align philosophy with nature, physics, as with your brother-in-law, maybe.

This will help. It's your Chrxstmas present from me. Don't ask what I paid for it, you wouldn't believe:

Minnie-sota said...

"Because we have a shred of empathy left."


tarleisio said...

And empathy, alas, seems to be the one thing neither side has any time or inclination for.

Sic transit gloram mundi.


PapaPig said...

I realize the last time I posted something serious here, well....

But the answer if for Christians and Muslims to get together. Christians aligned with Jews seem to keep the violence going.

Ralph said...

YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!




Mojopo said...

Ralph, I gotta say... You provide the most comprehensive reason why religious extremism is a gassy crapload. Thanks for the... uh, Rapture update. Hang on, let me get my Rapture Hat and set my Rapture alarm. I'm going to buy new Rapture underwear for the occasion, too. Rapturoos!

PapaPig said...

Ralph and Mojo! I hate rap music, so if that is what is coming, let me die now!

Plus the image I now have of you in rapture underwear is bothersome.

I still want a hula hoop!

Minnie-sota said...

Mojo, be sure so send me a photo of your rapture undies.

a.t. said...

I get annoyed with these diehard Debbie Harry fans. Guys, "Rapture" hasn't been on the charts for over twenty years now! Chrxst! Debbie has to be at least 60 by now! Forget it, guys. Debbie is NOT making a comeback!

This Mojopost makes me sad. Mostly, it makes me sad for Ms Mojo, because she sounds sad, and I have no wisdom to share. I am the worst sort of cynic because I DON't come by it naturally. I acquired it -- effected it even!

Here's what Rumi said about radical Islam, Zionism, and Ralph: [paraphrasing] Each of us is a channel to the ocean, but some will beg water from a tiny pool.

I'd rather be hung with piano wire than to follow the blood trails of the spiritual "leaders" I've known. And, man! don't let me wake up in a world envisioned by any of them. I'll take green beer vomit. FOREVER!
And that's all I've got on this, Ms Mojo, but things do get better: Heck, here in my red state, some of the folks have even gotten over Clinton as they turn their nooses to Obama.

Me and Scrotch want some more of that Mojo perspective on her excursions into the always slap happy post-modern culture... ...stuff. Give!
Whenever you're ready. Always in your service, Ms Mojo, thank you.

Mojopo said...

Anony- "Ripple" made a world of difference. I'm a Deadhead from way back in the womb. All of my hippy brothers and sisters played them while my mother was pregnant with me, and Dead tunes are comfort food.

I miss Jerry, but I'd betcha he's at a much cleaner gig these days... somewhere up in the stratosphere. That part makes me happy. Way.

a.t. said...

I knew you were a fan. You can just tell some things, ya know?