Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekly Poll Results - The Internet And You

You people seem to have no regard for The Bible. Last week I conducted a highly scientific Mojopoll to find out about your Internet usage. I already know that you value your on-line time above personal hygiene and family, but it turns out that you love your Interwebs more than The Bible – even though it was Christmastime! Second favorite? Chicken Nuggets. Congratulations, you bunch of zombie-pinko pagans. I hope you’re happy now!

This week’s poll is “Which social network or forum has the biggest ghetto?”

ABC News forums
Drudge Report comment section

And when I say “ghetto” I mean “illiterate fox hole” and “ill-informed moron cave”, or “the place where I will bazooka a clutch of tards”. If you have bigger ideas about even worse places on the net that make you want to punch a wall, lay it on the line. Use this time to vent, instead of plotting the demise of your enemies. Get it out – you will feel better!

Regular programming will resume after the holidays.

Your Pal,

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Minnie-sota said...

Ohhhhh, this poll is going to be a hard one. I'll need to ponder my vote.

One cesspool of comments is the ESPN forums, especially on any post about women's college basketball or the WNBA. I'm thinking of all of the sexist comments from Neanderthals about women athletes and coaches. Actually, calling them Neanderthals is an insult to Neanderthals.

Mojo, has it stopped snowing yet there in Chicago?

PapaPig said...

All of the forums, blogs, mailserv, maillists I am on are a cesspool. The amount of uninformed comments blow my mind. I admittedly didn't blog much before the election, though I have been chatting since 1977 first on ham radio teletype, to local BBS, built the first BBS run over radio North Florida in the 1980s, to now the internet. I didn't buy my first computer last week at Walmart, more like back to the using them at work in the 70's.

There has always been a ghetto online. Probably to some extent always will be.

But......... (Positive side).

Before there never was an internet. There was not a source the same as the chat medium where there were answers. Never in any of the chat situations I have used could I point to a documented, footnoted source in the same medium. Sure there were books before, but I quoted a book, that meant someone had to go to library, and didn't to confirm or deny my claim.

Hence now there is a source to educate those that blog from the ghetto. They can either read what is true, and not rumors or go away.

Now you can't use a liberal source to change the mind of a conservative or visa versa just by quoting a source and say see look, your side is wrong.

Here you have to use logic, debating but not attacks. Who wants to be attacked?

But stick with simple logic. A Christian says something about Muslems. Ask them didn't Jesus say love your brother? Why is a Muslem not your brother.

Or I didn't vote for Obama because he was a Muslem. Just ask them why being a Muslem is bad, no judgment on thier decision.

As bad as the current economy is hurting everyone there is a silver lining. It opens a discussion on how solely market driven economics don't work, because people can't be trusted to do the right thing for society if given economic power. In other works, power corrupts and people are greedy if they control the well or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and won't share.

Ask them if they are better off than they were even 4 years ago? Ask them why they think we are not better off. Let them draw the conclusion that a lack of at least some regulation causes greed.

You can take this over and over again to many topics.

Then there is issue of us all a human beings. Out of all the people you have met, I certainly hope you found more you liked than you didn't. Those that answered I didn't, have other issues.

But you can hate many people you don't know. It's easy to hate Chinese till you meet a nice Chinese person or family. It's easy to hate a black, Muslem, you name the country, race, ethnicity group you have not meet, and it's easy to see them as evil.

But why did you see them as evil? Mostly likely because someone told you they were evil. In today's times that someone was the media, and blogs are NOT EXCLUDED. The MSM is worse, no doubt but blogs can add to the septic cesspool of thought.

Without diversity, conflict, the media has no purpose anymore. Most media including probably the beloved Huffington Post often posts articles that are more divisive than informational. Sorry Bill Mahers but your campaign against God, against Conservatives is negative at best and seen as hate speech by others. I am not defending conservatives here, but trying to show an example, as I know most people here are progressive (ah liberal). I am sure all of you have your own examples of attacks on liberals.

So to come to fruition and back to topic, you must stop listening to this input, instead listen to your heart. How can we solve problems if the other side is evil?

We must work together on our common problems. Meet that conservative or liberal person you think is a nut. Go to a movie with them, eat a meal with them, talk about the family.

Since Government and MSM now thrive on conflict how can we look to them for solutions? We can't, they are not interested in solutions. We "might" have that President now, but I guarantee you we don't have that type of Congress now.

We must reach out ourselves. We must give something of ourselves to someone. Or those that might not like the idea of faith based organizations, consider this. Currently the United States alone has spend over a Trillion Dollars on fighting Muslems. Between Christians and Muslems we are more than half the world. Al-Qaeda no more represents the Muslem world than does the KKK represent the Christian world. If we banned together, we could solve most of the worlds problems today.

Remember to listen to your heart before you head. Seldom does your heart bear negative fruit.

anony tu said...

I am less fidgety waiting for the methadone clinic to open than I'd become waiting for Mojo to post this thread! But it is not in vain. Mojo's comments on the recent Mojopoll are so astute, this is why SHE is the blogger and WE are the bloggees!

Mojo, your comment, "I hope you're happy now!" EXACTLY! They ARE happy. WRONG people are ALWAYS slap happy!

Think of the hilarious doodoo humor that might have been gleaned from chicken nuggets. And it's not as if we didn't drop hints ("nug-gets, nug-gets, nug-gets!"). Sheesh!

I will not be voting in this week's poll. It's an okay poll but the choices are a little highbrow for me. When me and Scrotch want to savor the bile and perhaps get into a knife fight, we look for much deeper doo than what you'll find in any of those places. (We are also limited to looking for joints where they don't know to block us immediately!) Some call it trolling, we call it slumming.

anony tu said...

I read Huffpo. I gets it in my emails from the internets.

But I am miffed about Arrriannna. Here is an heiress of considerable intellectual girth and physical beauty, and yet... can NOT find ONE SINGLE nude photo of her on the internets. Nada! This is how we know she is not a brooding genius. If she were, she'd have at least one moment of rebellious indiscretion that involved photographs.

Hey, Mojo?

Anonymous said...

What would you say about a site that deleted any comment you made that disagreed with the editor/publisher. Such a site exists. It's called The Smirking Chimp.

PapaPig said...

Broadband Reports aka DSL Reports is the same way. Though mainly a technical forum, they moderate more posts than anywhere I have ever blogged.

So add them to the cesspool of forums.

anony tu feelings guy said...

THIS person hurts my feelings and lets me post NEVER!

anony tu said...

I would like to have my own bloggy thing and attract witizens from all over, but I fear rejection and responsibility. If I didn't fear those things, I would open a blog and call it Land of Mildew, 'cause it's catchy!

a. tu said...

Oh, Papa, I always post from my heart. I never use my head for anything but sex. And I went to OTB for to read your post you talked about on another thread and to look for Mojo's contributerating and did not find Papa Pig OR Mojopo, and I spent an HOUR looking. Like somebody I know says, if it doesn't happen in an hour...

anony too said...

If somebody can hack into Blogger we could tidy up the room while she's gone.

a. tu said...

Dumb ol holidays.

No new bloggerings. No comments. Not even flammerings. okay, Ms Mojo, have your dumb ol holiday but, remember: Rust never sleeps; take care of your peeps. And that rhymes, so it must be true.

Mojopo said...

Oh geez. Now you make me happy to be missed. It is sickening!

PapaPig said...

Not only were you missed by you hang around pigs....

jennmcq said...

i was actually somewhat disappointed that poop wasn't one of the choices :( LOL

PapaPig said...

too bad I can't do images here, I could fulfill jenmcq's dreams.