Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Throw Your Shoes - By Neil Porter

Hilarity! I received a very fabulous link to a song called "Throw Your Shoes", by Neil Porter. It is in honor of the Iraqi journalist who gave his footwear and freedom to express himself, by pitching shoes at the worst US president in the history of ever - our Dubya.

Mr. Porter, you officially rock!

Click here for the song.

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PapaPig said...

Great song, and it gave me that Saturday Morning (now 24/7) feeling that shoebee dobee shoe dog can create!

Or was it Shnoeppy The Red Baron?

I haven't heard because that news cycle is over if that guy was let go. Dang he is a hero.

PapaPig said...

It's pretty obvious everyone is mentally if not physically on Christmas break or is it Holiday Break? With me being the only post in over 12 hours here!

Actually Holiday is not a good word. It come from "holy day" which implies it's a religious event.

I like the original idea of it being a celebration that the days have stopped getting shorter, the sun is not burning out, there is hope or at least soap on a rope!

Let them eat that said Pig.

Ok, rambling....

I bet even MJP is out of pocket today why she put up two posts on the same day.

I noticed.

Happy Winter Break to all and to all a good night.

Brought to you by, PBS (Pigs Bad Singing).

Never teach a Pig to sing. It irritates the Pig and is a waste of good money.

A stitch in time can save many embarrassing moments.

Think not what you can do, but become a bank and apply for a TARP.

The early bird gets a worm, but a sleeping bank gets billions.

One tiny step for Bush, one large leap backwards for mankind.

Never put off for tomorrow applying for a TARP which you could do today, then again tomorrow if you are a bank.

Hey, anyone want to form a bank then fail? Billions are a lot to split up and we don't have to say how we used it!

Ok, Happy Winter stuff again. The Pig. :@)

Big OINKS all the way around.

Neil Porter said...

I just posted a much better recording of this song at http://www.macjams.com/song/48827

Throw Your Shoes!


PapaPig said...

Great work Neal.

Anony tu said...

We are grateful to al-Zeidi not only for the sacrifice of a sturdy pair of leather shoes but for showing us through his own error that, while tossing shoes at bush, we should work in teams. One should sit directly in front of the podium while another sits at a thirty degree angle to it to catch bush on the rebound when he ducks the first throwers shoe. Thank you Mr. al-Zeidi!

Anony tu said...

Chicken nuggets, now down a full four points from bibul in Mojopoll, making some of us sad and sick with worry.

Mojopo said...

OH my God! Neil Poter visited our bloggage with his delicate goateee. He's famous in Oz, you know!

I am knee deep in snow storms, dead car batteries, and shopping that needs to be done! Oh - and someone need to help Anony Tu with the chicken nuggets! AUUUUUUUUUUUGH!

Nug-gets! Nug-gets! Nug-gets!

Happy Christmas!

Minnie-sota said...

Thanks for the song, Neil!