Monday, December 22, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Reveals Her Favorite Positions

Chatty exhibitionist Caroline Kennedy has unveiled her favorite positions. Kennedy revealed to Politico that she likes it gay, straight, and even through the back door (Bloomberg Style).

If Kennedy receives the appointment to be the next junior senator from New York, she will be 216 congresspersons and every living senator away from the presidency. Given the magnitude of this appointment and the whisper-thin line of succession if everyone else dies, it is no wonder that so many crab-faced sputterers from the right are FREAKING OUT about hiring That Kennedy.

First we had to read about her disgusting fetish for public service. Then we were reminded of the ways she eroticized constitutional law. Will this woman stop at nothing to sensationalize politics? The next thing you know, she’s going to start showing up underwear-less in Buffalo.

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Anony tu said...

Why must the Scrotch always run out at three? Chicken nuggets is down three points in the polls. And I'm having difficult discerning where Ms Kennedy's arse might be in that photo.

Mojopo, down a few threads, you do know that the three young lads who were the ORIGINAL Alvin and the Chipmunks -- not those wannabes from the 1970's cartoon series but the real thing, the pioneers -- you know they died of helium poisoning? Seymour was the first to go, then Simon. That was the great loss, Simon. I know, everyone likes Alvin 'cause he's the funny one, but Simon, man. Simon was the one that kept the thing going, man. Simon was about the music, man. The day Simon died, the music died too, man. Alvin died not long afterward after a brief attempt at a solo career. Dave went on to do infomercials. He drank himself to death in the late '70's. All true.

Where is Caroline's taunt patoot?! Mo' Scrotch!

Anony tu said...

Ambiguous arse photo puzzle goes me to bed.

Minnie-sota said...

"Crab-faced sputterers." I'm gonna use that phrase sometime.

Oh, we need more votes for Sex, Calling Mom and Medication and your poll.

jennmcq said...

seriously, i almost threw up when i saw that pic. bleeeeeeechhhhh.

scrotch... LMAO

Anony tu said...

Taut patoot. The photo taunts me.

Perhaps bible will choose chicken nuggets as a running mate after this primary.

Anony tu said...

Oh wait! I can see where it is when I close one eye. Jeebs, I hope she membered to use her moist towlettes.

Anonymous said...



Mojopo said...

Me? I love Chipmunks. I love Crazy Daisy by Chris Ligon, too.

Back to That Kennedy. I do not mind where her head it at in the photo. That she could make me have to wonder is a miracle. I like conundrums.

A. tu said...

Ms Mojo, while I trashed myself with Scrotch last night, you were celebrating first day of Chanukah, yes?
Bless you, and these two Romanian mail order brides want to wish you a cheeky christmas. It's butt humor, I think, a derivative of poop humor so we love it.

Anonymous said...



Mojopo said...

WOW! That makes me want to beat my face against the side of a chair until I pass out, AND I can dance to it! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

Happy Christmas! What a pal.

Minnie - I am glad you liked the "crab faced sputterers", because it gave me fun time, too.

Hi, Jenn - fuck the bowl games! I was at a Bulls game Saturday night. Have you heard of The Matadors - the morbidly obese male cheerleaders for the Bulls? Look it up! Big fun!

PapaPig said...

Mojo, I found a great picture for your blog. It's over on OTB in the forum, as I can't post it here, as people would need a password.

I think the group would love it.

Look for my latest post called Coming Soon.


Other than that, I grossed out on the picture. No sex for a week..

Mojopo said...

I'll be right there!!!!

Anony tu said...

OTB? What is this OTB?

Mojopo said...

Off The Bus. It's the retard bus version of HuffPo. I'm a contributor - as evidenced on any search engine. Oh my.

OTB is also Off Track Betting. I was practically raised there. I knew more about ponies than Jesus. Thanks, Pop! WHOO WHOO WHOO

Anonymous said...

I thought HuffPo was the retard version of HuffPo.