Tuesday, December 02, 2008

SOS Hillary

Wait - did you just hear that noise? It was like a giant SLUUURGHP combined with a THWUMP. That was the sound of government spooks and career diplomats shitting their pants and passing out at the same time. Foggy Bottom residents are farting whistles from their tight behinds, in anticipation of things to come. Welcome aboard the Obama Soul Train, future Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton! YAY YAY YAY!

Talk about a shifting paradigm… Those sock-suspender wearing, double parked diplomats with a throat full of Bush splooge are having one transient ischemic attack after another. Oh noes! Here comes Hillary! Quick – pretend like you’re reading The Diplomat’s Handbook. Act like you’re attempting to negotiate things! Hurry!

I’m so tickled for the US right now. What a dream team Obama is selecting! I always knew Hillary would be on the 3:00 AM phone call. Hillary’s appointment scares the crap out of The People Who Think They Know Everything. With their craptastic record on weapons of mass destruction and foreign affairs, what can I say? They are so fucked. All of them. So very, very fucked.

Congratulations, Hillary! WHOOOOOOO! Hello world, we are staging a comeback. Please come to our party! We love you!

I’m so happy. I look like the Cheshire Cat on Sudafed. AHAHAHHAAAAAAA!


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Anonymous said...

U.S., welcome back to the democratic world!


Mojopo said...

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I'm just going to laugh happy tears out of my face from now until whenever. YAY YAY YAY

Minnie-sota said...

That baby video is crazy funny. Let's hope HC has smooth sailing through the confirmation hearings.

skeeter...... said...
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Your friend, Rusty said...
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Your friend, Rusty said...

"scares the crap out of The People Who Think They Know Everything." You are so right. And if they don't cool it, imma put Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann on that list.

For 2 smarties they sure ask some dumb fucking questions on their shows. I think Rachel is still mad because she was so wrong about the election results. (As a butch, I am totally immune to her charms and will snark away.)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this mean that Hilary now has more experience than Obama??? =) This is my answer today to everything.....


Mojopo said...

Good point, Speedo Speedy.

Rusty, I have noticed Rachel being snipity lately, too. I think the whole "will the election be close?" thing was a ratings ploy designed to make us have high blood pressure, and I can't blame the gal for grabbing viewers, but that was efffing stupid.

PapaPig said...

I always say as Mojo knows, all progress is made down the middle. I would rather with no doubt at all, Rachael and Keith, compared to Bill And Sean.

But there are times when both Keith and Rachael get too far left. But not so much as Rachael says.

And like I told Mojopo over on OTB, Hillary is not my favorite person, but! and a big but, what an improvement over C. Rice!

Sometimes we have to compromise to make progress and take what we get.

The last 8 years were no comprise and take the medicine if you like it or not.

This caused so many cats to start abusing Sudafed, it's not funny. Well it is funny. OINK :@)

Hey look too, I have an account so you can see my handsome face. :@)

Mojopo said...

Papa, I agree with you. Change does come down the middle . and that is because the middle is the biggest part with the most surface area to make a difference. Loved your post.

I will never miss Condi, and while Hillary will have some bumps on the road, I can't help but feel like a burden has been lifted with Hillary's nomination. It's part psychological - a mending of fences sort of thing - while knowing that other world leaders are eager to work with her.

And I can't help but laugh at the starched collar crowd. They are so last century. Cynicism is no longer fashionable or required. It's hard to give it up, having lived through the Bush years, but I'm ready to try something new. Probably better.

P.S.: I love reading Keef's transcripts, but I can't watch him. Ideologically, Keef and I are simpatico. But if I watch his show, I need to smack him. Which is why I stick with transcripts. I hate violence. :-)


PapaPig said...

I too am having a hard time giving up the cynicism, after years it has become second nature. But really it is time to drop it. At least let someone new screw up enough to go there again and I pray I don't!

A good example of me not giving up being cynical was I about blew up when Hillary was suggested as Sec of State. Then I read your posts and other like mined bloggers and I realized I was way way way over reacting. First it's a massive improvement. Yeah, it heals the Dem party, but not being a member of any party it doesn't matter so much to me if the heal. Except the Dems were the defense that worked against the Bush machine. So I owe them a least a massive thank you.

Well I still watch Keef and Rach, but even tonight Keef picked on O'Reilly and it was lame really, a stretch of the point. Just to have someone in his worst person in the world. And other may not know but you know I already think O'Reilly is one of the worst persons in the world without anyone telling me!

It's time to put hate even for Bush behind us, there is way way too much to do now. We have a 8 year mess to clean up.