Thursday, May 07, 2009

If It Is Not On The Fridge, It Is Not Important

I’ve been trying to find "something good" to put on my fridge, because this phrase alone racks up 223,000,000 Google hits. With more than two hundred million pieces of evidence on hand for something good, as compared to 117,000,000 “something bad” links, odds are in my favor that I can hit pay dirt.

-- -- --

There is absolutely no question that I started out looking for good somethings because I was feeling bad and needed an attractive mental escape hatch. Did you know that every dark tunnel has a few skylights, so that we can stop and recharge before we keep walking towards the light at the end? Without those, every day would feel like a drive through Ohio.

As I get older it seems like the tunnel exit sign is always further away than what I remember, and I wish that I had worn better shoes. Does that ever happen to you?

I still haven’t found anything to tack onto the fridge. Which is a shame because I located a spare magnet under the fridge when I was vacuuming. Next to the dry erase board and photographs of my family, I have a place for something good. Perhaps it will turn up soon.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, MJ!

I'm sure, you already have a lot of good somethings at home. You'll see them when you are doing something else.


India Bindia said...

Every country I travel to I buy a magnet for my Dad. They are all over the fridge. So every time I go get some food it's like going through customs!
And at my old apartment I had a load of word endless list of sentences/phrases to be made. Think you should invest. Then you can write your blog on your fridge and then just post a photo every day. Or not!

Minnie-sota said...

Ohhhh, post a photo of yourself on the fridge because that's something good! :-)

Speedy said...

I like these random words magnets you can put together in thought provoking ways. I found this web site and they have all kinds of maganets you could get. Kinky word magnets, Erotic Poetry magnets, Dumbass Word mangets.... The possibilities are endless!!


anony tu said...

I told one of my ditsy sisters-in-law that putting magnets on the fridge can make her anemic because it draws the iron content out of the food in the fridge and she believed me.

I am so phunked up in love with THIS Mojopost that I'm going to give it a ten without even saying why as if anybody has to guess why!