Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Olcott Beach Update

Tired of Milan? Sick of DC? Mojopost can provide you with the latest news about Olcott Beach, NY, from her Mom and other noted sources.

Playground Flasher Nabbed!
Local pedo finally busted, ending two months of terror at local playgrounds.

Coyote Update
Displaced coyotes continue to bite the living crap out of slow-moving victims.

Mom Said
Stupid bird builds a nest on widow’s porch light. “You should see the mess,” Mom said. “Mud, string, straw, condom wrappers… I’m going to get up at 3:00 in the morning and turn on the porch lights, and I will burn their bottoms!” You go, girl. Don’t take that nonsense sitting down!

Bill Hilt’s Weekly Fish Locator
“Kyle Stabler of Sanborn caught a 32 pound carp this week while he was fishing Olcott Harbor for perch. He was using minnows for his impressive catch. While there aren’t as many steelhead in the 18 Mile Creek system, some of the warm water fish species have started to turn on.”

  • Weather – Looks just about right.
  • Dining – Bye’s Popcorn is open for business! OMFG!
If you have news about Olcott Beach, please contact Mojopost. Right now! Thank you much.

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Anonymous said...

Olcott Beach sounds like complete harmony between humans and nature ;)


Mojopo said...

LV, insert "meth labs" and "carousel park" for humans and nature. Perfect!

Speedy said...

I found out swimming in unmarked areas is risky!

COPYRIGHT 2007 The Buffalo News

Byline: Nancy A. Fischer

Aug. 7--NEWFANE -- The weather was hot Saturday, the water on Lake Ontario calm. It was a great day for a swim off Olcott Beach, but a Newfane woman and her sister learned the hard way about risks associated with swimming in unsupervised waters.

"People say it's never going to happen to me, but [sometimes] it does," Olcott Volunteer Fire Chief Mark Gilson said Monday.

Gilson said he pulled 33-year-old Melissa Fisher of Newfane out of an unwatched part of the beach Saturday, floating facedown nearly 100 feet from shore.

She remained in critical condition Monday in Erie County Medical Center.

"There is a dedicated swim area with lifeguards, but people take a chance if they go beyond the piers. I think they need to know that," Town Supervisor Timothy R. Horanburg said.

No lifeguards have ever been posted on the west side of the beach, where there are private residences and the Olcott Yacht Club. Those who swim there do so at their own risk, Horanburg said. For Fisher, that risk proved costly.

The Niagara County Sheriff's Office is investigating why Fisher went down, struggled and had to be pulled from the water.

According to deputies, Fisher and her sister, whose name was unavailable, were on a raft 70 feet from the shore, and Fisher jumped in the water, without a life jacket, to try and pull the raft closer to shore. As she began struggling, her sister started screaming, and a person onshore called 911.

A boyfriend who was questioned by authorities, and whose name also was unavailable, told deputies he believed that Fisher might have been too far out to swim to shore. Gilson agreed.

"I'm a good swimmer," he said, "but it was a long swim. She was in over her head in 10 to 12 feet of water. People need to be smart about their own skills.

"Open water is different than swimming in a pool. You can't grab onto something. A lot of times you are swimming against the waves, and it becomes 10 times harder."

Fisher was found in full arrest in the water. Gilson said that she still had some air in her lungs and that he was able to get her heart started, so she resumed breathing and was taken by Mercy Flight to ECMC.

Gilson said his firefighters were there in about two minutes after having been trained to get to the scene quickly and carry a life jacket. They were helped at the scene by Miller Hose volunteer firefighters.

"We've changed our response mode because time is critical," the Olcott fire chief said. "In one minute, a person can go from distress to a full drowning. When there is air in their lungs, they are still floating, but when that changes, they go under and are harder to rescue."

Horanburg said the official beach for swimmers is a 250- to 300-foot strip at the end of Franklin Street. Piers on each side block out the swimming area. On that stretch, the town and Niagara County have jointly funded a chief lifeguard and four other lifeguards for the summer.

Last summer, 16-year-old Jimi Robinson drowned June 29, a day the dedicated beach was supposed to have a lifeguard on duty. The county said last summer that it was having trouble keeping lifeguards and, as a result, raised the pay rate.

Horanburg said that this summer, the beach has been busy and he has not heard of any problems until last weekend.

He said that it was impossible to limit access to the areas where no lifeguards are posted because they are often used for fishing.

"We try to provide a safe area," he said, "and promote it and protect it."

I liked to quote at the end. It sounds like something my Mom would say..... =)

Mojopo said...

Hi, Speedy - thanks for that. It's such a shame about that kid. His poor family. It took a tragedy like that for the lifeguard's pay to be a priority. Mostly, the beach is not a priority - it's an afterthought. This is the only town I know of that has welfare houses on the beach, complete with a lake view. The landlords make nice money from the state.

Hope that woman is OK! No idea. I'm just a bit surprised that anyone would swim on that part of the beach. That area is where boats go in and out of the marina, and the closest pier is rimmed with seaweed and broken fishing lines. Very much icky. That poor lady.

Speedy said...

I can be a burden to society in Olcott Beach? I'm packin' my bags!!! =)

Mojopo said...

Seriously. I mean - look, everyone deserves a decent place to live. Preferably, a place that doesn't look like a broken shack and drags down your neighbor's value of their home.

But... who else is going to live there? It's not like the A-Listers are beating down the doors because Olcott is such a hub of culture and industry. HA

Yvette said...

This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time, and I read a lot of funny stuff. I chuckled as I imagined your mom's voice narrating all these events. Of course, your mom's voice sounds eerily like that generic voice in my head.

I also love that this site has remembered my name and gives me the option of choosing it when I try to comment. Alzheimers...kiss my ass!

anony tu said...

Why do the birds even bother to build a nest if they're using condoms?

I'm giving THIS Mojopost a ten just for the hell of it AND because it gives me an idea about what to do about the damn chimney sweeps that keep pooping down my flooo.

Mojopo said...

Anony - you need floodlights in your flooo. Hot ones!

Also, so sorry - running behind today. Will update this blog sometime Wednesday. Probably.

Mojopo said...

Yvette - thank you! That made my day. On the real. So you've heard of my Mom? Oh, you can't mistake her voice.

Minnie-sota said...

I almost missed this news report because I was too busy working instead of what I really want to be doing, which is reading your blog. Or fishing.

Anonymous said...

the woman that nearly drowned in the lake is related to me and shes not doing better shes not dead but my friend Jimi is at least he doesnt have to suffer and remember what little bit he can hes in a better place