Thursday, October 02, 2008

Joe Biden Can, Because He Will

I can see you there, acting all worried and wondering if Joe Biden is going to make a jerk of himself on Thursday night. Ask yourself one question: Would Joe Biden get sick with worry when YOUR chips are down?

Hell NO! Joe Biden would loose his chips and get down with you, just to show his haters that he can get back up again. Just like that – up, down and then up, Up and UP. Eat it!

Do you think Joe Biden is some kind of moron, who can’t talk his way out of a paper bag?

Hell NO! Joe Biden is fluent in paper bags from all manufacturers and four times as smart! Oh yeah, baby, his brains are HOOGE.

Oh my God. Do you think Joe Biden is going to spend Debate Night like some kind of pansy lay-about, drinking beers and nuking popcorn? Huh, do you?

Hell NO! Joe Biden is the man who is going to defeat the no-gooder, jerkface on Thursday night. And then he’s going to take all of her beer and feed the popcorn to his dog. Because he CAN.

Do not under-estimate the power of Joe Biden. Oh sure, he will say something stupid - but I can assure you it won’t be anywhere near as stupid as Sarah Palin. That is a FACT. A FACT, I said! Joe Biden is made of Kryptonite and America, and he is going to stage a take-down worthy of Pay-Per-View.

You heard it here first. Joe Biden is going to win that effing debate, Rocky-style.

Rocky – In Training

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Anonymous said...

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. ~Plato


Minnie-sota said...

Hahahaha! Okay, yesterday afternoon I heard on NPR that no one has written a song for Joe Biden, as the VP candidate. There was one when he was running for the prez nomination. We should just make it the theme from Rocky.

Anonymous said...

To me it sounds more like Indiana Jones


Your friend, Rusty said...

Mojo, thanks for talking me down.
Have you seen this Biden debate training slideshow on 23/6?

Mojopo said...

Hello, hello - HELLO!

At last, the day is here. I've been gassed on nervous energy and positive vibes since I got out of bed!

I've never seen so many people terrified about a debate, not in my whole life. And they SHOULD be. Allowing Sarah Palin anywhere near the vice presidency is just plain nutso. Why, it would make more sense to brush our teeth with loaded rifles.

I have enough faith in Joe Biden to handle himself well. For all my kidding around, I think Joe's not going into this debate to destroy Palin. He's in this to fight for what is best for our country. If Palin just so happens to make a mess tonight, it's going to take her entire party to clean it up. They don't have the patience or skills to clean up anything - just remember that. What republican politcians do is sweep things under the carpet and hope you don't notice.

Tonight's debate will have an audience of millions. It's going to be difficult to pull the old Sweepy Sweepy past that many open eyes. Just my two cents...

Dennis the Deist said...

Hiya Mojo!

Yes, this debate has the potential to keep SNL in comedic skit material for the rest of the year. Sure, Joe Biden is going to say something incorrect or even dumb, but Joe Biden speaks (and speaks, and speaks, and speaks…) with an impromptu tongue that originates from his mind, heart and soul. When you speak that honestly and freely, you’re bound to slip up every now and then. It’s almost inevitable and understandable.

When Sarah Palin speaks it comes from rote learned through her peers and superiors and yes, she too will slip up. But when her mental teleprompter goes blank she will slip up in a fashion that will dumbfound the dumbest of dumb. Her comments will make the most insensitive gaffe from Biden appear harmless.

And that’s just it; Biden and Palin are two very different politicians with two very different styles of blunder. May the stupidest blunderer loose, all the way to November 2nd. GO JOE!

Mojopo said...

Dennis! Great comments. I think you're right - Palin and Biden are two completely different kinds of politicians. I'm not worried for Joe.