Sunday, January 25, 2009

BlagoVision: Monday Media Blitz Scheduled

Blago has hired Drew Peterson’s PR firm (because the Hillside Strangler’s publicist was busy). Drew Peterson is an ex-cop from Illinois. His second-to-last wife “drowned” in an empty bathtub and the last one has been missing for over a year. Drew has been a popular talk show guest because of his notoriety, and that is why you will enjoy some Blago on Good Morning America, The View and Larry King Live this coming Monday.

Tampa-based firm Publicity Agency is always looking for new talent. If you or someone you know is holding the crap end of a public scandal, please contact Publicity Agency immediately for representation. First time callers will receive a complimentary 24-hour media blitz.

Expect Larry King to receive many irate callers, a Shrillfest at The View and plenty of furrowed brows sagging over important-looking glasses on Good Morning America. If this doesn’t make you want to throw up your entire face, I don’t know what will.

Oh how I miss the modest din of supermarket tabloids.

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Mojopo said...

Don't forget to call Larry on Monday and say you are Mojopo from Chicago. Here is Larry's site on CNN:

You can send e-mail questions to Larry, using this form:

anonytu said...

I know THIS Mojopost MUST get a 10! I've never seen anything like it! Here, Ms Mojo calls a spade a spade, (not in a derogatory racially biased way, mind you -- we're talkin playing cards, not brown peoples). Yes! She's calling the media out for its sensationalibility, and, gosh darnit, SOMEBODY has to do it!

Now, Mojo runs the risk of finding herself on Larry King's shit list, but does that make her feign? Does she swoon? Hell no! She grabs the bull by the balls and, baby, you better believe she doesn't intend to let it go!

Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! THIS Mojopost gets an uber-10, because its courageous! Absolutely, magnificent, Ms Mojo! Bravo!

atu said...

These are very gangster-like looking people, your Rod Blogowago and publicist. Are they not nice?

a.tu said...

Wait a doggone minute! I just reread. No, these people are not nice at all!! This Peterson boy. Hes as mean as he looks. And Blagobago? Even a forehead draped with beautiful rich locks cannot disguise his eire. Hes acting like a spoiled brat! Spank Blogo, Illinois, and send him to bed without his supper. And put Peterson in a concrete swimming suit and take him for a dip. says I.

Anonymous said...

on monday night I watch Queer as Folk. I don't think I'll change it for Blago and Larry.


Mojopo said...

Queer As Folk is still on? Well blow me down. I loved those fellas.

Mojopo said...

Anony - you nailed it on the head. Drew is a freaking scumbag. I was so into his case that I even watched Nancy Grace one time. But never again. She is bugfucking crazy.