Monday, January 26, 2009

Mojopoll: Obamanation Has Love Hangover

A recent Mojopoll indicated that residents of Obamanation are in the throes of a love hangover. If there's a cure for this, we don't want it. According to me, my readers hate war as much as they love diplomacy. It means that everyone on this page is brilliant, thoughtful and interesting. Good on you, people!

In addition to this warm plate of smarts and sensibility, readers of Mojopost are crazy for Michelle Obama. It totally explains why the entire US is glad our Mr. President had unprotected sex with his wife and made two lovely babies. You people are nothing like self-loathing, bathroom cruising Republicans. As far as I can tell, none of you would shoot your friend in the face, either. Yes, of course you can borrow my car. Anytime, pal!

This week’s Mojopoll is about the economy, because it’s going to be hard to extend the Obama honeymoon unless we can get the money thing figured out. Most couples argue about finances – Benjamins are required for a harmonious union. When the money runs tight, no one gets along.

What can we do to save the economy? The poll is on your right, and it’s a multiple-choice venture. Choose as many answers as you like. Have better ideas? List them in the comment section, below.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, Mojo! I don't know about ending expensive wars. I'm sure, if we go for it some would try to push further the cheap ones.


Mojopo said...

How much does a cheap war cost? If it's something like a dispute over a bag of cheese popcorn, we might can fit it in. But the other ones? Nope, we can't afford another life.

Also, check out the Diana Ross video. There's a male dancer that looks just like Barry. He is so FABULOUS that I can't stand myself! WHOOOOO

Mojopo said...

P.S.: Good morning, LV! You look great today. I like what you are doing with your hair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mojo! I knew, you'd note the hair ;-)

If we're going to exchange a million cheap wars for an expensive one, I don't know


Yvette said...

Maybe we should start a a military superstore with discount prices on artillery and food rations.

atu said...

I really like the eat the rich option. I have thought for many years that there should be an unspoken ceiling on how much material wealth a person can accrue. When a person goes beyond that limit (and we all know what the limit is, dont we?) then they become obscene and are an affront to all humankind. Hence, we should kill them at that point. And, heck, as long as were gonna kill them, we might as well eat them, yes?

Anyway, I know the solution to all our economic woes, but nobody pays any attention to me. Besides, I am out of time.

All of the options in the poll will help or at least make us feel better, but the real solution is...

Anonymous said...

It was a toss up between tax the Republicans or sell Obama sex tapes!!! OH wait I also liked drill the Bush family.... =)


Minnie-sota said...

That first choice on this week's poll reminds me of the 1972 movie, Soylent Green. I'm not eating anything green today.

atu said...

Yep, I think Ill lobby for eat the rich. Thats what I do. And look at me, Im happy.

PapaPig said...

Drill baby Drill

Sex tapes of Republicans.

After all they get caught more than any other group than religious leaders having illicit sex.

Start a rumor that Laura Ingram is actually bi, Ann Coulter likes it young and Elisabeth Hasselbeck is turned on my men in postal uniforms.

Why are they all blonds? hmmm

anonytuu said...

You know, it actually isnt all that important to me that we EAT the rich. Its just important that they FEAR that we will eat them. It keeps them humble. Humble the rich! Vote eat the rich now!

If I had the time to tell you the whole solution to our economic woes, I would. But I dont. Ill get it started though.
The solution begins with legalizing marijuana. Thats right, I said lega-fuckin-lize marijuana. Were all smokin it anyway so lega-goddam-lize it! How will that help, you ask? Are you kidding me?! Itll help in about a half-dozen ways I can think of right off the bait:

1. If we legalize it, we can tax it.
2. If we legalize it, we wont have to pay for keeping all those poor slobs that are rotting away in prison because of it, now.
3. If we legalize it, we can get a lot more bang for the buck that we pay in taxes for police now, and, who knows, they might even have time now to go after real criminals, not the ones the dumbass fuckin war on drugs has manufactured.
4. We will be safer because legalizing marijuana will take the money out of it for the thugs and then they wont have to fight over marijuana-selling turf.
That will help because neighborhoods that are crippled by drug wars are not neighborhoods where people can work or go to school or anything else useful.
5. Farmers will love growing this pleasant user-friendly crop and theyll make good dough off it too, you betcha!
6. The pharma industry will use it as a legitimate pain treatment for cancer patients and theyll make a buck off it too.

There! That is half a dozen good reasons to legalize marijuana and help our economy. Do it!

I will be back sometime soon with the next step in my plan to restore the economy, but right now, I keep tellin you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just thought of sumptin. I guess legalizing marijuana sort of falls in the catagory of "end expensive wars" if you buy that crap about the dumbass fuckin fucked up stupid shit "war" on drugs.
Okay! So, vote end expensive wars AND eat the rich.

atu is right! said...

Okay, you are not gonna believe this, but I SWEAR TO GOD I had not seen this video prior to the post I left about legalizing pot. I just found it at another blog, but LOOK! AN EXPERT on the economy AGREES with me! YAY!

Mojopo said...

So, what you are saying is that we can smoke ourselves out of this mess?

Oh my goodness - my ears!

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