Friday, January 16, 2009

Only In NY - Dubya's Exit Speech Upstaged

Imagine that you are Gee Dubya practicing a farewell speech to an entire nation of people who (mostly) hate your guts. This would be your last opportunity to upset normal TV programming, swearing up and down that you didn’t do anything wrong. As you try and make enough spit to polish your legacy, your interruption is interrupted by a bona fide miracle in New York City, courtesy of US Airways.

I would like to thank Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger for reminding us what NYC looks like when everything goes right. Sully is an accomplished pilot who successfully ditched a commercial airliner on the Hudson River, after his engines were killed by evildoing geese. A water landing of a lifetime. Well blow me down and call me your booger!

You know what NYC looks like when bad things happen with jets. Not this time. Tragedy averted and everyone lived!

The verdict is in. Our world IS a better without Dubya. Dubya who? He was on TV last night? Whatever man, whatever.

Enjoy your pre-Inauguration weekend festivities. If you think the water-landing was good, brace yourselves again. A guy riding a unicorn will take full responsibility for the US on Tuesday. Noon. Don’t miss it!

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Mojopo said...

Sorry I'm late. I was having a Comcastic evening outage.

an. t. said...

Sokay, Ms Mojopo, you are always worth waiting for. Damn those evening outages! I'm just relieved to hear Blagobletch decided to spare you.

I'va already left a bush is about to leave hurray! post on the thread down under so's I won't say anything more. Buh Bye, George Bush! Welcome, Naked Unicorn!

an. t. said...

Cept that I'm going to make just this one teensy comment. Not about bush. The video down there attracted my attention because it's about WORK. They say I've been doing that thing all week cept today. Today the said stay home. Get some rest.

Please explain:
In the video, why are those young girls and boys chasing the men in the suits? Is it to tear them apart and eat them? Or do they want to lavish the men in the suits with love and affection? If so, why are the men in the suits running? Communicable diseases? Playing hard to get?

My george bush is leaving hallelujah post was way TOO LONG. Hoping you will give it a rating of negative 5, and punish me. Make me lick your hip boots. I deserve it and I'll pay top dollar.

Mojopo said...

How fortunate for us both that I am also not working today either. The downer? I have exactly two hours to fetch some cigarettes in the burbs before I start smoking Blago's hair instead.

Why did The Beatles run away from chasing girls? I'd like to think there was no point to it at all. Why does there have to be a point? Funtime exists for the sake of itself. You would not ask a Lego why it is so much fun, would you? The Lego just IS.

OK, I'll go read soon be back later with my laundry.

Whoa, I peaked. Sally, Imma need Cliff Notes. You really do have the day off. What happened? Are you in trouble for something disturbing? What an exciting day!

at said...

Eureka! Once again my Goddess of View you have hit the nail of the hammer with your head! Simple answers are the BEST! Fun is fun. Of course! That's it! Why am I so complicated? Why aren't I able to go directly to the belly button? This is once again why YOU are the bloguer and I am the bloggee. You should punish me for complicating things. Please.

Minnie-sota said...

I've been reading about that plane crash at the NY Times. Hurrah for the skill of that pilot.

My luck yesterday was that I missed Dubya's last speech.

PapaPig said...

Bush's speech wasn't even on the scale it was so much a lie.

I will say it one last time. The guy is dumb. He didn't come up most the nefarious crap. I firmly believe most of the as Darth Cheney along with Addington and a few others.

Good effing riddance and don't let the door hit your ass on the way home.


That pilot was amazing. I have logged hundreds of hours in several aircraft. A forced landing is a nightmare and very hard to do on a smooth cow pasture. We used to practice them over top of airports but never really turned off the engine. My instructor was big into it. We could be learning anything and he would cut the power and say, your engine just quit. I would have to find a place to land. It got easier but it's not instinct.

His beyond perfect landing in the Hudson is, was, will always be amazing.

Lets hope this is a sign for 2009.

Two miracles on the same day. Bush's last speech and the pilot from Heaven. He had to have had Angels on the wingtips yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch his farewell speech. I'm sure whatever he had to say was stupid. I can't believe that everyone made it out of the plane alive but cold. Hats off to Sully and his co-pilot. It's nice to hear about people living instead of dying horribly in a plane crash.


p.s. We have Canadian Geese back home in Washington state. They are HUGE! Plus they shit everywhere and they bite and hiss! Nothing charming about them at all. Shoot them and then shoot any PETA members who protest...

Mojopo said...

Speedy, I never pegged you for Annie Oakley. Speaking of geese, I had a childhood friend who kept ducks, geese and chicken. She taught one of the geese to attack, but one of the chickens attacked people for kicks. And it wasn't a normal chicken. I had the most usual bill - like it was wearing a red turtle on its' face. When that thing came at me, I ran! I ran like a Beatle.

BTW - did you read Papa's comments? That pig can FLY! Too much! Papa, I think the world is absolutely astonished and we should be. It was an amazing landing, and I adore the fact that a hero stole Dubya's thunder. Change I can believe in. You betcha!

I should re-read The Right Stuff this weekend. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Did Dumbya give a speech last night? Oh well. If his lips were moving, he was lying, so I guess I
I didn't miss much.
BTW: Saw on MSNBC, where at Dumbya's last news conference, White House interns had to fill empty seats in the news conference

PapaPig said...

yeah, some pigs fly!

And yes the Dubya speech was one big lie.

When he started talking about what a great president he had been, I had to keep watching.

I mean comedy channel and saturday night live could not have made up a speech that funny!

Ralph said...



skeeter...... said...

That was 13 minutes I'll never get back.......

Anonymous said...

There is no new Mojopost. This is an old Mojopost. That's okay. I'll live. This isn't the worst thing we've faced. This is do-able. Got it covered. There's no new Mojopost! There's no new Mojopost!! THERE'S NO NEW MOJOPOST!!! OH, GOD!!!!!

at said...

To Anonymous above who isn't me: Don't despair, my friend. Mojopo never let's her reading public down. If she didn't post a new Mojopost, well mister, you can bet it's for a damn good reason. Probably the Mojopost she's working on is taking a bit longer due to extensive research. Research! That's important! That's what makes a Mojopost a M-O-J-O-post, research! So, sit tight and wait. It's coming. It'll knock your effin socks off!

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaait for it... Waaaaaait for it....

at said...

Here, anonymous person who isn't me. Have a listen to this while you wait. On topic to boot!

Mojopo said...

Bye George! Nice video, and fuck you George Bush.

Sorry - I was Comcasted two nights in a row and well - I got distracted by Donna Brazile on CNN Saturday, when she showed the Obama souvenirs she bought on the Lawn. And the train ride. It made my face wet and smiley.

Joseph R said...

Great blog. Funny stuff!