Saturday, September 27, 2008

Top 10 Presidential Debate Highlights

Sen. John McCain (R, AZ) un-suspended his presidential campaign to debate Sen. Barack Obama (D, IL) on Friday evening. This was the first of three presidential debates. The moderator was Jim Lehrer, of PBS. In case you missed anything, here are the Top 10 Presidential Debate Highlights

10. McCain invited children from the audience to pull his finger. Unfortunately, McCain inadvertently pooped his pants during his third attempt.

9. Always the peacemaker, Obama gave McCain a new Blackberry. McCain was disappointed to find out that he couldn’t use his Blackberry to play 8-track tapes. “I really miss Dr. Hook,” he said.

8. Obama challenged McCain to make nice paella. McCain refused and said he was opposed to preparing “Socialist Rice”.

7. The crowd went wild when Obama pop-locked during “Rockit”, by Herbie Hancock.

6. McCain got a cramp in his Ahmadinejad. Thank goodness for Blue Goo.

5. Obama scored points pronouncing Ahmadinejad correctly and said, “Ahmma talk to him later.”

4. During commercial breaks, Jim Lehrer talked to the crowd about partying at Chateau Marmont, and explained the difference between doing 8-balls and rolling on E.

3. Everyone loved McCain’s war stories. Especially his anecdotes about Vietnamese hookers.

2. When asked about his health-care plan, McCain distributed vitamin C and antibiotic ointment to the audience, and encouraged Americans to, “…stop whining.”

1. The crowd went wild when Obama gave piggyback rides to the entire front row.


Your friend, Rusty said...

My favorite part was when McCain talked about getting the bracelet from the guy he served with in Alexander the Great's Army. I teared up.

Minnie-sota said...

I need some antibiotic from just thinking about the Republicans!

I think you captured those top 10 moments, Mojo.