Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Needs A Job

Caroline Kennedy
(as in JFK’s daughter and Bobby’s niece) wants Hillary Clinton’s old job in the NY State senate. Really? So give it to her! Chop chop – times a-wastin’.

The anti-Caroline Kennedy camp is having a shit fit. “She’s never held a position in government. How do I know she’s qualified?” Most of the people making noise want Hillary’s job. But they have a point. Caroline has never held office. Not even as Dog Catcher. And so what, I ask? So what. Obama didn’t have a heck of a lot of experience, either. Guess who helped him run his campaign this year… Do you see where I’m going with this? So give her the job!

Other anti-Caroline Kennedy party poopers are bitching about her last name. “Oh great. Another Kennedy. What is it with American dynasties? Bush, Clinton, Kennedy. Christ!” If the Kennedy’s were bad at what they do (politics) this argument might sound less like cry-babyism than it does. If anyone can tell me how a Kennedy has worked against civil rights or tried to screw the working men and women in this country, stand up you liar and let me count your lying hand. These Kennedy’s of ours have spent decades trying to leave this country in better shape than when they found it. And what do the Kennedy’s get for their time? Brain tumors and assassinated. So give her the job!

Only one person can help Caroline get the job. Gov. Patterson, who became NY's governor not by election but by default (his boss, Elliot Spitzer, was caught messing around with prostitutes and had to resign). He has to appoint a senator because Hillary Clinton has a new job, and her spot isn’t up for an election until 2010. Patterson is as popular as fish flavored bundt cake, and one could easily see him picking another C-List type of person to take Hillary’s job. A really boring or annoying person he can identify with. Or he could up his net worth in the Democratic Party and pick someone with instant name recognition, who knows how to raise piles and piles of campaign funds and might actually give a shit about people. And Patterson has to think about this? What about “GIVE CAROLINE A JOB” is so hard to understand?

You bet I’m for this. I’m not saying she is entitled, but I am saying she might know a thing or two. Caroline is a mother, a lawyer, a writer, an editor, an advocate for public education and she is smart as heck. We should be so lucky to have her around for a long time.

My folks in Western NY would love, love, love to have another Sen. Kennedy. All of our parents still talk about the time JFK came to visit in the 60’s, too, and have framed photographs of him hanging by their fake fireplaces. Word! In fact, let me tell you something, Sally. One of the first songs kids in Western NY learn how to play in band class just so happens to be “Sweet Caroline”. I know – I was there. Please do not damage my sentimental feelings.

Stick around. Things are about to get interesting in the Empire State.

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline (duh!)

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PapaPig said...

She is the bomb, and the fact she has no experience but a record of doing good things. To me that is the prefect Senator.

What good does experience do? Know all the door codes to the stocked bars on K-Street? That is what is means, I am not kidding.

She is the woman for the job.

But as I Pig, I have to say she has two other attributes that make no difference in her possible Senate appointment.

One is she has a cute butterfly tattoo on her right arm. Two is is HOT! I have had a crush on that girl since first felt hormones, no a little later, she was 9 when my hormones hit. But it wasn't much later! OINK! :@)

Give her the job, NOW!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find anything bad or objectionable about her ever written. She seems like a fine, upstanding person. For Christ sakes put this woman in office. We voted for change. This is change! Good change! Christ on bike!!!


ProblemWithCaring said...

Remember the Onion video Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are? Caroline Kennedy is the poster child for waking up on November 5th to "the realization that they have nothing to fill their pathetically empty lives."

The future junior Senator from NY said in April "I do believe this is the most important election since I was a child. I just turned 50, and I figured if I'm going to get out there, now is the time." Before the destruction of America would have been nice, but, hey, better late than never.

Personally, while I am a little concerned about her policy experience, I am just a nut for those black and white JFK family pics. Got my figurative vote.

Mojopo said...

CK did wait to jump into politics until her children were grown. That's been the plan, as far as I was aware. You can hardly begrudge a Kennedy for waiting until the kids are older.

Also, no lie - I miss carrying a damn sign.

Policy? She'll be fine.

PapaPig said...

What did the sign say?

Mojopo said...

Papa, I think it said "FREE MUMIA". :-)

Minnie-sota said...

CK is smart and knows how to raise lots of money. She'd be fine. The only thing negative I've ever heard about Caroline is that she is too private. That's from journalists wishing she would talk more.

Anonymous said...

Give her the job! She's hot!


LaceyUnderall said...

I apologize I can't remember the name of the gentleman on Morning Joe this morning who made an excellent argument for Caroline... but basically he said that over the past year, her campaign for Obama has stated her policy agenda. So yes, a year ago we weren't sure of where she stood however now, we definitely do.

She will make a great Senator from New York and be a great voice for her constituents. And good for her for putting her family first and THEN getting on the political horse. Women can have their cake and eat it too (without her children suffering from sugar shock)!