Friday, December 19, 2008

White House - (202) 456-1414

Have you heard the latest rule from Shoe-Ducking President Dubya that permits the entire healthcare industry to turn their back on you? Yes they can.

From The LA Times:
The Bush administration announced its "conscience protection" rule for the healthcare industry Thursday, giving doctors, hospitals, and even receptionists and volunteers in medical experiments the right to refuse to participate in medical care they find morally objectionable…

The rule says providers -- including hospitals, clinics, universities, pharmacies and doctor's offices -- can be charged with discrimination if an employee is pressured to participate in care that is "contrary to their religious beliefs or moral convictions." Violators would lose their federal funds.

Did you catch that? This “conscience protection” rule is extended to the entire healthcare industry. Yes, it started out as a plan to block abortions and birth control. And the new rule also gives healthcare employees, from the ground up, the right to prevent patients from having antibiotics and blood transfusions.

Patients who live in under-served areas (impoverished inner cities, the rural south) and do not have a wide assortment of medical options could be denied treatment because of any number of “conscience protection” factors.

People, this new law isn’t just a magic bullet aimed at the proverbial Godless whores. It’s a nuclear device aimed at women first and the rest of humanity next. Here’s a short list of plausible scenarios to disturb your sleep:

* A pregnant woman needs an abortion in order to save her life. Halfway through the procedure, an anesthesiologist has fit of conscience and suddenly leaves the room. According to the new rule, the hospital does not even have to reassign the anesthesiologist to another department. Basically, the surgeon will have to scramble for a new anesthesiologist and cross his fingers.

* An elderly man is prescribed antibiotics for pneumonia. A pharmacy technician refuses to call the insurance company for authorization because her religion opposes this medication. No, she can’t get in trouble.

* While your infant son is having a circumcision before he comes home from the hospital, a nurse can refuse to staunch the bleeding at the very last minute if said nurse has any sort of moral objections to this procedure.

Anyone working in healthcare has the right to refuse to make your appointments, stop mopping your bloody floor and object to selling you that pretty box of ribbed condoms. “I will not give you RU-486, teenage incest rape victim. My pastor told me I’ll go to hell for that.” Or maybe a doc might refuse to treat your mother because he is not permitted to speak directly to women. The list is endless. Hippocratic Oath be damned.

Arguments against this rule should be vigorous and constant. Everyone is encouraged to call The White House and complain. Rachel Maddow has generously provided their telephone number, below.

Please call Dubya at (202) 456-1414.

Rachel Maddow

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PapaPig said...

I will call when I get back up. It seems he wants to destroy for the average person every effing thing he can in last 30 days.

He needs to resign..... I will add that to my call.

Anonymous said...

This will have to be among the one of the first laws Obama overturns. You can tell Dubya a lame duck prez cause this law is the lamest....


Anony tu said...

I blame this on Obama. If he hadn't gotten all uppity and decided "I wanna be the president, I wanna be the president," then he wouldn't have RUN for president and if he hadn't run for president then he wouldn't have WON and then george bush wouldn't have to take such desperate measures to insure that Baby Jesus will not burn Amerika and turn everyone to salt. (And that is something Baby Jesus is wont to do around this time of year unless many, many people get crushed to death in the rush to buy presents for his birthday party. So far this year only one person has been crushed. I blame shoppers and Obama! Thank you george bush for protecting us!)

Anony tu said...

Oo,oo. My brother works in a coat hanger factory. He can object to making wire hangers and not get fired, yes?

PapaPig said...

It can now be called The Hypocritic Oath.

Coat hanger? nope, they also make great HDTV antennas

Minnie-sota said...

Bleh! I heard about this.

Anony tu said...

Where is the girl with the moist towelettes? Probably out getting a head full of Martini juices, yes? Please, Ms Mojopo, give guidance, yes? We live in troubled times.

Mojopo said...

Yes, martini juices indeed. Do we know each other? - because that is my Friday thang. Yes.

New Year's Eve - tickets to Second City. Just found out. Yes yes yes!

Anony tu said...

Only from Wonkette and your wonderful, intelligent, and always insightful comments on this here bloggy thing of yours. The Martini juices was a guess.

Anony tu said...

If I scared you, I didn't mean to. Lots of folks have Martini juice at the end of the working week, yes? Not psychic. Not stalking. Live hundreds of miles away from you. New Orleans, mostly.

Mojopo said...

LOL - no, by all means stalk! I have no problems with non-violent, hilarious stalkings.

Anony tu said...

Thank you, Ms Mojopo. I will stalk only with hilarity, sound advice about pharmaceuticals, and the occasional inner workings of my soul.

PS -- I just read an article about how your governor Blago-what's it's hilarious antics may cast paler on my president-elect's brand new chief of staff, the warm and fuzzy Rahm Emanuel. Please, if you run into him, tell him I said stop it! You might even do a story on this right here, but, if you do, please do not include a photo of Blago-guy. Christ! I would rather see pictures of two-headed babies than Blageaux! Freakish hair, very unsettling, yes?

And say hello to Oprah.

Mojopo said...

Rahm. I have yet to hear a kind thing about Rahm. I've never met the guy, but I've met people who piss their pants with worry - hoping they didn't serve his coffee wrong or provide him with an inferior bagel. Apparently, he's quite the asshole.

I've asked myself this question: "If you can have a complete asshole working for your good ideas, would you try to find someone less asshole-ish for the job, or save time and let the asshole keep doing his thing?" Because, apparently, he's the best asshole in the whole world when it comes to getting shit done.

Rahm is the ultimate fighting dog with a spiked butt plug up his rear (that makes him mean), but he seems to want to use this for good.

Does it make me a hypocrite for allowing room for his assholishness, because Rahm is on the right side of leftism? I think so. On the other hand, he really needs to stop scaring the people he works with, and the people who work under him. A good start would be for Rahm to get his own fuckin' bagel and chill out for five minutes every day.

Maybe yoga? I don't know.

Anony tu said...

Spiked butt plug, mmmmmmm.

Yoga and a chakra bitchslap, yes?

widepart said...

This shit brings a tear to my eye more than that; fear for my daughter who moved to New York State with her husband two years to go.

The next time I hear a U S politician or any U S rooter shit on the way Islamic governments run their societies and all the freedoms their citizens don't have. I'll have to remind them that the Islamic governments seem to be the model that the U S is using to change from their present form of government.

I hope Obama rights all the wrongs the Bush administration did to the nation. But if he doesn't you guys have got to elect an Atheist next, that way you may be able to get rid of religious control of your nation. You've seen all the bad things that happen around the world when Religion run countries....and you are allowing it to happen to you.....Wakeup people!

Mojopo said...

Um, we kind of did wake up - though I am loathe to even point it out. Last November we had some coffee, flapjacks and juice.

Look - the blogs want you to think Mericans are way more religious than we seem. Most of us believe in something, but we prefer to stay out past Sabbath on Friday (getting our drink on) and sleep in on Sunday. In any event, Wide Part, I am proud to say that the hype is overrated.

Anony tu said...

Anyone who thinks some old theocrat is gettin over on my peeps needs to have a look at this week's Mojopoll. 58% of voters not even counting the ones who voted twice think the internetz is better than the biblez. More than think chicken nuggetz is better than the interntz by golly! Which means that SOME people think minced chicken scrotums, fat, and grissle formed into bitesized patties and fried to crunchy goodness are better than the internet AND the bibles. Who's gonna overtake folks like that with holy words, huh?