Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Prank Phone Call

No, you have NOT heard this one before. I'm so sure! This is the one about exacting revenge on telemarketers. Which is, by far, one of my favorite genres. More from me later today, and until then – enjoy!


a. tu said...

Oh, god, yes! Is there anybody anywhere in all of Blogdom who more richly deserves the title of Blogeur than our Mojo? Show me! You can't!

You can not know this experience in one glance anymore than you can know foi gras by merely dipping a toast tip into it. No! If you want the full berth of this exquisite kundalini, if you want to reach Nirvana, you must dive deep into the salty, musky womb, the lowest chakra, to the bottom of the page and work up, meditating upon each post, each chakra, each Mojo hitting the nail of the hammer with her head, until you reach the summit.
Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous, Ms Mojopo. Amen.
THIS Mojopost is important because it shows us that, although we live in the land of mildew, where the black mold has seeped into the crevices between the gears of everything that might save us -- clean underwear, proper burial, Bill Richard's beautiful smile, telemarketing -- there is, true, no hope, but pranks all the same. I give it a 10!

Anonymous said...

My god, Would you look at Cremation. I guess the Creamos are downright giddy.

PapaPig said...

I found this several years ago and it is by far the funniest video on the web.

It never gets old hearing it again.

an.t. said...

Wow, has anybody noticed that nobody gives a hoot about proper burial. Look at the poll! P.B. is behind Taxidermy! I blame most of this on Obama. After he's sworn in, you just watch, people will be just dumping their dead on the curb for the street sweepers. We should have known better than to elect a foreigner with an evil sounding name.

Anonymous said...

Chrxst! Everytime I look, Cremation has gone up another notch! This is insane!!!!! Won't somebody, ANYBODY, please give Mummification a try?!!

Here. This will entice you. It only costs $67,000! Mere chump change when you consider what you get in return. Ooo, and be sure to ask for your Mummy Bear: